Contemporary Bugs in Cricket 24

Please fix :

  1. Elongating hair glitch in the game, seen in Jaiswal at Rajasthan Royals and Jofta Archer

  2. Infinite running between the wickets due to fielders not picking up the ball and throwing at stumps.

  3. Ball bouncing over the head of fielders. Cricket balls are not tennis balls and can never bounce over the head of a player when the game is played on grass.

  4. Fielders picking the ball at the boundary and carrying it over the boundary ropes. Also increase the speed of fielders, they are way too slow.

  5. Commentators saying things that aren’t even happening in the match.

  6. Community downloaded players (from Cricket 22) have abnormally high ratings.

Although not bugs:

  1. Can you please allow us the option to not see the “Cricket 24” pop-up screen after every boundary hit. Its quite annoying to see Cricket 24 every few seconds.
  2. Allow us to add licensed players to their national teams manually
  3. Add much more atmosphere to short format matches.

Thank you


I would like to add some other bugs as well:

  1. Players phasing/going through each other on the pitch. And also going through the stumps like they are not solid.

  2. Fielders sometimes just waiting at their position waiting for the ball to come to them. Fielders also sidestepping when the ball is coming towards them, they should be running at the ball to prevent runs obviously.

  3. Throwing balls behind you while facing the front (don’t know if this has been fixed in a patch or not).

  4. Club cricket in career mode has an electronic screen which shows out or not out (also implying that there’s third umpire in club cricket, which I don’t think is realistic. That screen is nowhere to be found in the ground besides in that out or not out cutscene.

  5. Wicket keeper taking a diving low catch at 2nd slip when that catch should obviously be taken by either 1st or 2nd slip.

Hopeful Features that can be added:

  1. Fielders saving a six by jumping near the rope and throwing the ball back in if the height of the six allows that.

  2. New scorecard, the one at the bottom when the game is in progress.

I think fixing these things would up the immersion level of the game. Lots of love for making a cricket game though!


Couldn’t agree more all the above were in cricket 22 and should have been sorted add to that fast bowlers in long sleeves ridiculous over throws sometimes it’s the small details that can damage a game but big ant aren’t learning or listening or don’t give a dam