CountDown For Cricket 24

25 Days Left @RossSymons @JNT_BA


Seems like they are behind schedule as no further information whatsoever is released


We need it badly agree but @RossSymons should recover from injury 1st then we may ask for anything related C24 , Cheers

24 Days For Both Cricket 24 And World Cup Excited :laughing:

Want - my friend, not NEED

But it comes to my necessity NEED :grin: when everyone wants it.

The words are English but the meaning is lost on me…

24 Days Left and Still Nothing To See (will you show us anything or will only just launch a game direct) @JNT_BA @RossSymons

24 Clock


The Truth is BigAnt Doesn’t want us to see the game because the game is same as Cricket 22 and for their good sake they don’t want to show the audience because the audience will hate it and will tell them to do improvement that’s why they simply want to release the game without releasing a teaser or trailer.

I Think we should boycott it because than only @RossSymons and @JNT_BA will know the importance of audience. They Don’t Care About us it’s the Harsh truth.


4 Days Left Finally Something Coming From @JNT_BA @RossSymons

Wait a minute, The teaser trailer and screenshots from a few days ago were the first footage of this game that releases……tomorrow!!!

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