Crashing in Playstation 5

Game was crashing often while trying to download players or teams from community in playstation 5 after the lastest patch update. Please look into it.


I tried to download different players and game crashed every single time, after 4-5 attempts all saved data got corrupted and removed. I lost all my teams, players, bats.

Same thing happened with me on Ps5. All the saved data is corrupted and i cannot download anything from the academy now. I guess it is not a stable patch.

Yea, all my data got lost and curropted.

Absolute awful patch. The silence from big ant is defeaning. All my logos that I have downloaded since the launch of the game have gone.
Can’t even try to start redownloading as the academy crashes and corrupts what you have tried to download…

@JNT_BA I sincerely hope you are trying to fix this issue as I think people are losing faith…I think your testing before launch of a patch needs a rethink

All my data got deleted and now I cant even try to download anything from the academy for PS4 this is terrible, I was already struggling to get it to work before the patch but now I cant even play the game. I miss cricket 22 when it actually worked. Paid $60 for a game that doesn’t even work. I am a fan but this is disappointing. Been buying these games since Don Bradman 14.

What a update Very Bad.My game is crashing when i play carrer mode and when i downloading teams please fix this we gave money for this fix this or we will not purchase your game next time.
We dont download it free. We have given money to you.But you dont fixing the game