Created outfits for Pro Players

Hi, i am wondering if you guys considered the possibility of being able to add to pro players created outfits. With the community creations it would be amazing to have all season outfits for each player. @JNT_BA


Yeah that would be great since theres very few players who has multiple outfits. And also branded shoes(already in the game) should be available for created players since we cannot edit the unbranded shoes


yes totally! I know it might be a minor feature, but I never understood why in AO2 you couldn’t edit shoes or use pro player ones and it really bothered me.
Hope this will be addressed in Tiebreak, but I unfortunately kind of doubt it…


Love this idea ! It would be great to have

Yeah, let’s see if they hear us and can share something… @JNT_BA @RossSymons

Hello I can’t see that been allowed unfortunately because of player sponsor’s can’t see for example Nike been happy paying a player to wear Nike only to see them wearing an Adidas top even in a game😅 be cool if could happen though.Branded clothing for created players would be good and maybe some glasses or jewellery too!