Creation + career

I hope they introduce create a stadium, logo,team,player ref ECT
Be able to choose the refs clothing colours so no clashes with teams . A story mode would be awesome or even what the rugby league game is like, being able to change teams or roles after every season U complete ECT . Jonah lomu rugby had game challenges like be Japan and beat South Africa at a world cup ECT . I got heaps more ideas , can’t wait for this game . Hope it’s also got domestic NPC ECT for all licensed nations

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Hopefully each team plays differently as well and we’re able to adjust their tactics, eg South Africa is more forward dominated whereas other teams are more inclined to play an open game. The slider system/attributes in RC4 was quite good where you could adjust how teams played in each part of the field and how good each team was at certain key area’s, eg rucking, line-outs, defence etc