Creation + career

I hope they introduce create a stadium, logo,team,player ref ECT
Be able to choose the refs clothing colours so no clashes with teams . A story mode would be awesome or even what the rugby league game is like, being able to change teams or roles after every season U complete ECT . Jonah lomu rugby had game challenges like be Japan and beat South Africa at a world cup ECT . I got heaps more ideas , can’t wait for this game . Hope it’s also got domestic NPC ECT for all licensed nations

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Hopefully each team plays differently as well and we’re able to adjust their tactics, eg South Africa is more forward dominated whereas other teams are more inclined to play an open game. The slider system/attributes in RC4 was quite good where you could adjust how teams played in each part of the field and how good each team was at certain key area’s, eg rucking, line-outs, defence etc


The inclusion of domestic competitions for all licensed nations, like the NPC (National Provincial Championship) in rugby, would further enhance the game’s realism and appeal to a wide range of players.

Would be great, even if unlicenced, some minor championship like Serie A Elite,

We’ll be able to create the Serie A teams and kits pretty accurately with the creation tools provided to us.
We’ll even be able to get a lot of those smaller stadiums to resemble the real stadiums to a certain extent.
However I don’t see the Serie A being licensed in the game at launch but I could be proven wrong.

Yes of course, i justwould like to see the chanpionship unlicenced in the game so in the carrer mode we could play on it, without using another championship as a base.

Would be awesome if you can play as a referee

Exmaple on Xbox

B - penalty

Y - free kick

X - forward pass

A -knock on

RB - Not straight

That’s probably a huge ask. Almost would be like a stand alone game. Great idea though! I like watching games so it’s like being a manager. Being able to referee would give spectator matches a really fresh way of interacting with one.

Personally I couldn’t think of a worse game mode to play. I’d play it once just to check it out but I can guarantee I wouldn’t get any further than halftime before being completely bored because realistically there’s nothing entertaining to do.

My thoughts are if nobody wants to be a ref in real life then I can’t imagine to many people would want to do so in a video game. For me it would be wasted time and resources developing a mode that next to nobody is going to play.

There must be a reason why no successful sports game franchise has ever made a referee mode.


I guess if you are looking at it in a simulation way that is true it could be repetitive. Not sure that is what they were meaning though? I am sure there are many ways to make a referee game interesting, dramatic game deciding moments to referee on etc maybe?

Absolutely right about nobody having done it before though. Definitely a reason for that. I would think you would have to have the most well rounded and perfected title before even entertaining the idea.

Personally I could think of a million other things I would like to see before that, like a set play creator, a stadium creator, a post try celebration creator, a logo and sponsor creator, the list could go on forever … heck … even a hairstyle and facial hairstyle creator ha ha.

For now, just give me a playable, current title with good licensing and customisation. I will settle for that :innocent:

At this stage I’d settle for a screenshot! :rofl::rofl::roll_eyes:


Preach brother! :raised_hands: :rofl: :rofl: Amen!


Me to​:rofl::rofl: but just saying would be cool if future games can think about this ,because no one has tried it before