Cricket 24 Blobset Tools/Similar Tool

Does anyone know about the Blobset tool creation/ Similar tool for editing in-game textures & Modifying them? The last blobset tool was released for Cricket 19. but there is no news for the Cricket 24 Game.

So basically, what I understand of the matter is that, Cricket 19 came before Nacon bought big ant studios. So, during the time of creation of the blobset tools, big ant helped out with the required materials to make such a tool possible. But after Nacon, I believe their policies may have changed or whatnot. Since then, the prices for the games went up significantly, and any tweaking to be made to any game or the capturing and churning out content on social media has been reported and taken down. My thoughts are that big ant/Nacon don’t want any tinkering with the game anymore. So, I am hoping that the guy who originally made the tools come out of hibernation. I would love to have that tool!