Cricket 24 - List of Bugs

Platform: PS
Version: PS4 Pro
Game Version: v0.2.1439

list of these bugs for your consideration in order to enhance the overall gaming experience.

Gameplay (Online and Offline):

  1. Boundary fielders display a delayed reaction time and often opt to stand still while waiting for the ball to approach, rather than actively pursuing it.
  2. Boundary fielders occasionally breach the boundary line and venture outside, failing to prevent a boundary as intended.
  3. The run-canceling function experiences glitches, necessitating repeated button presses to execute the desired input.
  4. The diving animation lacks realism as fielders get up abruptly after diving.
  5. Fielders exhibit erratic movement patterns, especially boundary fielders, outfielders, and mid on/mid off positions, moving sideways instead of choosing a specific direction.
  6. Full and yorker deliveries display unrealistic ball behavior post-impact, occasionally resembling bump balls.
  7. Cut scenes within the game are plagued by bugs, often depicting the sky or revealing stadium assets such as seats and the crowd in unintended ways.
  8. Players wearing headbands or bandanas experience an issue where the end of the accessory trails behind the player during movement, gradually increasing in length.


  1. In the player editor page, when replacing an individual player from the academy using the ‘Replace with best’ option, the screen unexpectedly returns to the main menu upon completion of the player update.
  2. Players encounter difficulty when attempting to add a second controller to the game, as pressing the options button does not elicit any response.


  1. Crossplay functionality appears to be malfunctioning, as Xbox players report an inability to see PS games or connect with fellow PS players and vice versa. This issue has been cross-checked in settings with no resolution.


  1. While engaged in batting practice, opting for a human bowler and selecting ‘Marker’ fails to produce the intended marker on the pitch, functioning only with machines.

Please have a look into this and also try to communicate more with the community. Keep them in the loop.

Hoping quick bug fixes. Thanks