Cricket 24 - Megathread

Mine question was the same. Since we go on tour of let say Australia as India. We might not need much of spinner bowler like we need in India. It would be fun having a limited roster because we choose them.

Important points for Career Mode

Right now in Career mode we Only get to Play One Team in domestic Season and even in county or Shield matches we only get offer from same team every season That can be Worked out we get to select Renew or reject contract with That team and see if Other teams are also interested in signing us Like First Time offer

Match Engine surely needs change in simulation as mostly I didn’t get to bat in IPL for whole season as No 5 or 6 batter everytime score was chased by Top 3 or 4 even 200+

Fatigue injuries Poor form should have more effect

Getting dropped from team Then playing domestic again and coming back

Option of Selecting 15 or 16 member squad by ourselves from Domestic Circuit before every series or Tournament when Our player becomes captain

Draft or auction for Career mode

Ranking and stats for All teams and players is a must in Career mode

Manager or Coach option should be available after retiring as just playing matches after matches will be boring


1 thing that would make it more realistic is shirt movement,currently in C22 it looks like shirt is attachd to a body,a shirt simulation would be a nice detail


An innovative and simply beautiful / addictive ask-

What if you guys can include Yuvraj Singh’s unique batting style in Cricket 24 game. Yuvraj Singh, known for his powerful hitting and elegant stroke play, can be featured as a playable character with his signature shots and techniques. That free arm bat swing and flow would be mesmerizing to watch. Incorporating his iconic stance, footwork, and shot selection would add a touch of authenticity to the game. Players can experience the thrill of playing like Yuvraj Singh, unleashing his trademark shots such as the flick, lofted drive, and the iconic six sixes in an over. This addition would not only pay homage to one of the greatest cricketers but also enhance the overall gameplay experience. :sunglasses:


Jersey physics along with injury animations wrt point of impact on the body are a must… furthermore grass really needs a massive upgrade… inspiration can be other sports titles like fifa 23 wherein length of the grass blades and textures have been taken care of… length and colour of the grass varies from country to country…also close up of grass looks really bad in cricket 22 as 3d grass has remained same since ashes 17…length and texture of 3d grass needs an upgrade

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  • One thing I really disliked about BigAnt’s Cricket is ‘Unable to modify/edit teams in the Competition/Tour Mode’. Once you start a competition, you are not able to modify anything in the team, not uniforms or even rosters. If I am playing a Test Cricket Championship, I don’t want to play with the same 15 player squad for every single matches. It’s logical to think.

  • Additionally, please update the Custom Competition styles. (Excluding the unchangeable TEST, ODI and T20 Championship included in the game) The Custom Championship for all the formats follow the same patterns and style. That should be changed. Why can’t they be the same as the ones licensed by you? Also allow us to have Host Teams in custom competition too. And most importantly for Test Championship (custom), make it like a Tour system where every team travels to different countries to play test matches. It should be like 1, 2 or more test match series with each teams in the competition and we should be able to change the squads with every tours.

  • And why does every competition starts with January 1? (for test championship it’s okay, not for T20 or ODI). You can scrap the date completely or just allow us to use calendars and let us place the matches like in the Tour Set up mode.

Please look into these. I’ll add more stuff if needed (and anyone reading, feel free to add)

The community supports you BIG ANT! Keep up the good work! All the best to the team and can’t wait for the Game. Very Excited!

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Imagine the thrill of witnessing Mitchell Starc charging towards the batsman, his jersey billowing in the air as he delivers thunderous deliveries. Adding dynamic player animations and realistic jersey physics would bring a new level of immersion to the game. As Starc unleashes his lethal bowling, the sight of his jersey swaying with every powerful stride would truly melt the heart of cricket fans. :relieved:


Exactly… jersey animation is a thing that you see everytime on every ball…it is a basic thing we need in cricket 24…AFL 23 has seen some improved hair physics… cricket 24 may imrove on that but jersey animations are completely missing even in AFL 23…we really need it in cricket 24

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Great and you know what can make it even better? It’s to use the next gen feature of haptic feedback (for console controllers). One thing we definitely want is the mental state of a batsmen and bowlers. Whether they are fearless, % of confidence, Under Pressure, or Calm.
Now Imagine you could see the thriller match going on and Starc taking his run to throw the ball, and controlling as a Batsman,he is Under Pressure and you could feel the heart beat of the batsman in your hands as Starc approaches the pitch. The mental state would also affect the batsmen/bowler’s accuracy and skills.
How crazy that would be. Can’t wait to see what Big Ant does with that. Hope they take this as one of their priorities.

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Total :fire: Fire :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head: , just even thinking how it would feel :crazy_face:

@JNT_BA Please look into these. I’ll add more stuff if needed (and anyone reading, feel free to add)

The community supports you BIG ANT! Very excited for the game. Good Luck!

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I’ve come across a fascinating suggestion that could add an immersive element to Cricket 24. How about incorporating haptic feedback to simulate the sensation of a fast-beating heart for batsmen when a bowler appeals? Alongside this, a small pop-up on the screen indicating the batsman’s heartbeat could further intensify the experience. While I understand the technical complexities involved, this feature could greatly enhance the gameplay and make players feel the pressure of crucial moments on the field. It would require careful implementation and synchronization between the game and haptic devices, but the result could be truly chilling and add a new dimension to the game. Let’s explore the possibilities of integrating haptics and visual indicators to create an unforgettable gameplay experience. #Cricket24

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Crowd in AFL 23 has potential but suffers from lack of animation and faces… cricket 24 should really improve on in with more animations and faces for crowd…so that atleast in 1 frame the animation is not repeated

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  1. reverse swing ball option Add one more delivery that is the reverse option which is enabled after 40-50 overs. not from the first over. generally the reverse comes after the ball gets old. and usually the ball gets old between 40-50 over.
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  1. Add sledging. like batter faces a short ball and leaves it. and the bowler provoking him to play that shot. making aggressive eye to eye contact
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With pro controls you can do it with ease.

For gameplay, it should be like cricket 19,
Licenced Stadiums are better in Cricket 22
Bowling Actions from cricket 22
batting techniques from cricket 22
but overall gameplay should be like cricket 19

Some suggestions that I can think of so far:

  • Please improve the graphics and frame rates to give a realistic experience. The gaming world has improved by a lot and you can easily do consistent 120Hz.

  • I am a guy big on customisation. I need custom tournaments, players, and everything personalised. So allow us to make groups in customer tournament. Also, it would be great if you could allow the player to choose the playoff scenarios, whether we want an eliminator or “1v4 and 2v3” type of playoffs.

  • Kindly add the option to check the ducks scored by each player in the tournament, highest partnership scored for each wicket in the tournaments stats, along with partnership record for each team participating in the tournament (Similar to EA Cricket 07). Also, the top five highest and lowest team score in a tournament.

  • I highly recommend allowing to add draft/auction option in custom tournaments or at least IPL or PSL.

  • We can’t take runs after AI throws the ball and it deflects hitting the stumps. However, the AI seem to do it.

  • It would be great if you could also allow the option to select the fielding control, same as C19. For instance, pressing O for bowler’s end and X for keeper’s, instead of always holding R1 and then throwing it.

  • It would be a big, big improvement if we could restore or move our C22 customer teams to C24. Just the kits or roasters would do it.

  • There are many bugs with fielding. The player does not throw the ball well as the throw bar automatically moves up and down. Even AI fielders would stand there instead of catching the ball, the ball would fall right next to them but they would not care. Fielders would dive or fall for no reason whatsoever. Fielding is not fiery or up to the mark. Even dive looks so stupid. I literally feel like playing a mobile cricket game. THIS NEEDS THE MOST ATTENTION NOW!

  • Players felt more energetic, giving reactions and shouting at fielders, knowing where to throw the ball in C19. However, this is not the case in C22. It feels so monotonous when players feel like robots and not humans. I hope C24 makes the game more vibrant with it. The crowd was also bland in C22.

  • The player will not quickly grab the ball and hit the wicket when it is inside the circle or even when they dive to save it from the boundary. The player will move around the ball and let the batter complete the run or take an extra. This issue has been persisting since C19.

  • AI batters should be more competitive. AI should play frontcourt shots, helicopter, dilscoop or other unorthodox shots but I have never seen anyone play that except sweep shot. Ability to hit a slog sweep six is needed. It would make the game more challenging.

  • You badly need to fix the wicket-keeper as he often dives for no reason and takes a lot of time to get up and the opponent easily takes two runs meanwhile. Also, drops an edge about 90% of the time off the fast bowlers.

  • Would like to see a greater range of emotions, reaction animations and camera angles e.g. dropped catches, unsuccessful appeals, almost edges, stare downs, sledges, sendoffs, 50s and 100s etc. If we could add music from the academy to play during the match or finals. Also, we could make playoffs more vibrant with firecrackers, lights, and stuff like that so it gives a vibe like today’s T20 leagues.

  • I really liked the weather condition concept in C19 but it can’t be seen in C22. I hope C24 brings it back in a style as reduction in overs made it cool and fun.

  • Add the option to play as a star player in Tour too. It would be fun playing with a single player than going with the entire team.

  • There should be an option to decide how your partner should bat when you are batting as a Star player. The other person seems to only defend and hardly score any score when you are batting. It often costs the match and make the match boring.

  • Adding injury outside the Career would be awesome too. Imagine we exhaust one of our player in the tournament (like making him bowl or bat despite zero stamina or without resting or blocking the ball) and he couldn’t play at least next match.

  • Make jerseys dirty by the end of the match with dives and collisions.

  • Choose only a limited squad when entering any tournament. Also, AI should automatically make changes in the lineup during a tournament.

  • Fast stumping. Many times there’s a stumping chance but the batsman easily completes the run while the ball is in the wicketkeeper or bowler’s end player’s hand.

  • AI sometimes doesn’t play according to the required run rate. For instance, during the super over or in the last few overs when the run rate is high like 15, the AI would be leaving the ball, taking singles or not even take a chance.


@JNT_BA I would like to suggest one more important improvement for Cricket 24, specifically regarding the off-side shot elevation. Currently, the unrealistic sky-high elevation of off-side shots looks quite odd and detracts from the overall realism of the game.

My suggestion is to introduce a system where the elevation of off-side shots is influenced by the batsman’s accumulated power. This power can be collected in the background as the batsman plays a few overs on the pitch. By incorporating this mechanic, players will have more control over shot selection and the resulting elevation.

Implementing this feature will enhance the authenticity of the game and make the off-side shots look more legitimate and true to real-life cricket. It will add depth and strategy to the gameplay, allowing players to utilize their accumulated power to execute powerful yet controlled shots on the off side.

I believe this enhancement will greatly enhance the overall gameplay experience and make Cricket 24 stand out as a more realistic cricket game. Your consideration of this suggestion would be greatly appreciated by the community of cricket gamers.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication in developing Cricket 24. We are eagerly looking forward to the game and believe that incorporating this suggestion will make it even more exciting and immersive.


Give MLB The Show 23 player career fielding a look if you havent already. Feels like it would really suit cricket 24