Cricket 24 must need features


  1. Bring Rain back like in cricket 19
  2. 3 balls Before play stops during rain, show rainfall from camera view and show ground staff being ready to cover the grounds
  3. Players leaving the field should be more realistic, they usually leave the field like it’s end of the innings :frowning:

Scorecard and scorecard graphics

  1. Need a custom scorecard settings (for eg: how much runs need to be showed after how many overs left, should it be permanent or not,partnership pop up after every few overs in scorecard.)
  2. if we are playing tournament stats should be showed every 5 overs in the game (for eg: top 5 most runs scored in the ___ tournament, most wicket takers so far in the tournament, best batting strike rate in the tournament, longest six scorers ,most fours, best average, etc, etc
  3. Very cool feature when we play bbl there is transparent bbl logo on top left side in cricket 22, in custom tournament give us a option to add our own logo for realism
  4. i think many of us would love custom score card graphic option where we can create scorecard graphics to relieve our childhood matches (for eg creating CWC 11,15,19 , IPL ) I know it sounds hard but would be worth the effort, can’t imagine how many community created scorecards are possible :slight_smile:
  5. different match review graphics similar to above point would be fun
  6. when we are using broadcast camera settings , it would be fun if we could add custom channel logos on top right side ( for eg: Big Ant Studios LIVE,Star Sports Live, Fox Cricket HD Live .

Gameplay Options
1)No ball sound Similar to IPL (crowd chants similar to six)
2) Different country ground should have different crowd noises ( for eg : england crowd usually claps ,Indian crowd is very noisy and uses horns , west indies crowd is very chilled out ) it will make the game very much realistic
3) DRS must have 3rd umpire voice “TV umpire to director we have a player review for lbw/caught behind , can we start with front on leg vision pls …” Right now drs is nice but with this touch it can be very awesome
4) fireworks can be improved
5) THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FEATURE NEEDED , when we direct hit, AI can still run 2 to 3 runs but when AI direct hits, we cannot run, this issue is there in both 19 and 22, really need to fix this issue
6) Man Of the match and match winning and losing animation must be improved
7) super over to be followed by another super over
8) IPL Like playoffs in tournament (Eliminator ,Qualifier 1 and 2 and Finals)
9) it will be fun if our bat breaks like just 1% chance cuz this happens rarely and batsman choses another bat
10) Impact Player rule :smiley:
11) if we bowl at a speed of 155 or above and we bowled the opponent would be fun if the stump breaks
12) When we are batting,when we press up on the dpad, there should be an option to use helmet or cap for aesthetic and realisitic feel

Jersey and logos related

  1. Mumbai Indians, RCB have golden glittery colors in their jersey no. and jersey design if we could get that would be nice
  2. logo making is very difficult for average gamers, pls support more nodes so we can create logos easily
  3. custom Stump sponsors

Menu related

  1. cricket 19 menu and match settings options where simpler
  2. team based theme for menus (including T20 teams from ipl bbl and hundred)


  1. Idk why but cricket 19 had better playfaces i mean Virat Kohli,MS Dhoni, Fad Du Plesis looked like themselves in 19

Cricket 22 has best highlights views no doubt but 24 can take it 1 step further
If we go big in an over for eg over 22 runs, it will be fun to watch a mini highlight at the end of the over. Or if a bowler take 2 + wickets in an over

More jersey slots

Street Cricket
like street football (there was another game called street cricket back in the days)
Very fun and quick way to play cricket with 5-7 men on each side and 5-10 overs
will be fun to play matches on beach,indian gullies, schools ,dhabas, small turfs

i know this is a lot of requests but anything from this list would be really awesome since there are 4 months still left before release
make a great cricket game

Cheers Big Ants.:blush:


Be civil buddy, this is the place we ask for features or insight regarding the game
If not here where should I talk regarding the game?
What will u gain chatting in this manner
My intentions are not to hurt you but pls be polite

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Nice suggestions dude keep it up

thanks buddy, love for cricket :grin: