Cricket 24 next patch

I think or hope that the following things may come:

  1. Implement of impact sub.
  2. Implement of all the remaining playfaces.
  3. Addition of CSK AND RCB (if their is any deal done) (just based on the text 'Waiting for approval ') prior to the patch.
  4. Resolving the issue of corrupt data from community downloads.
  5. Implement of IPL and Licensed IPL teams jukebox
  6. Add a new barrage of bowling actions batting style and shots.
  7. Many and I mean many cutscenes that includes:
    Licensed celebration of licensed players
    A new trophy winning celebration where all we can hear is music and firecrackers to an unbelievable extent like in EA’s FIFA games especially fifa 23 or even just even Arm’s pre match and post match sequence
    Many dugout cutscenes
    Moments of sports player spirit
  8. English commentary of Ravi Shastri and Harsha Bhogle.
  9. THE MOST IMPORTANT ( All the fixes of glitches and bugs in the game).
    10.realistic six distance counter and deflection from crowd.
  10. In the first match of league or knockout tournament a grand opening ceremonie.
  11. Floodlights show (to all platforms) and crowd holders( to PLAYSTATION 4 and 5). Floodlights show during the first match of league or knockout playoffs and final.
    13 . Sliders for stump physics.
    14 overall physics upgrade.
  12. Insane boundary efforts.
  13. Injury and treatment animation.
  14. A comprehensive time out animation.
    18 . Revival of cricket 19 toss animation.
  15. Playing 11 shown after toss not before.
  16. Crowd cutscenes.
    PLS big ant studios revert to this topic by add 10 to 15 of these demands in the next patch.
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And also why naveen ul haq has malinga action and kuldeep yaday rashid action