Cricket 24 - Patch Notes 27 March

#Cricket24 Patch Notes

PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Steam
27 March 2024

Added 2024 uniforms for Indian T20 teams
Added Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium
Added custom difficulty option to Online Custom Match
Updated Rajiv Gandhi Stadium
Updated Rosters
Adjusted Online Quick Match difficulty
Improved pitch marker accuracy for wide and swing deliveries
Improved Commentary
Resolved pitch marker not appearing for late release deliveries
Resolved issues unlocking achievements
General stability improvements

Steam 3406
PS5 3409, PS4 EU 3411, PS4 US 3410
Xbox One 3407, Xbox Series 3408


Detailed Patch Notes

  • Added 2024 uniforms for Indian T20 teams
    Uniforms for the Indian T20 teams have been updated to match the new 2024 season ones. Photogrammetry sessions with the teams are upcoming and future updates will include further player visual updates.

  • Added Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium
    The Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium has been added to the available Pakistan stadiums. Other Pakistan stadiums got some minor adjustments based on community feedback.

  • Added custom difficulty option to Online Custom Match
    When hosting an online custom match, you can now select from either the default difficulties, or a custom difficulty of your choice to play online. Due to requirements for network traffic, some gameplay elements will not match offline gameplay when playing online, especially in cases of higher ping between the two sides.

  • Updated Rajiv Gandhi Stadium
    The Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium had some renovations since the initial reference photos were taken, we have now added the roofed sections and in general made the stadium more accurate to real life.

  • Updated Rosters
    A pass over dozens of teams to refresh rosters and bring them up to date has been made, this includes the Indian T20 teams, as well as adjustments to various leagues such as the BBL as well as to National teams. Users who have edited these teams, such as adjusting default lineups, will not see these changes unless they reset the Academy.

  • Adjusted Online Quick Match difficulty
    Online custom matches previously used a difficulty which was a balance between some medium and hard elements. We have now shifted to use the standard ‘Hard’ difficulty for quick matches, which will be a slight increase overall.

  • Improved pitch marker accuracy for wide and swing deliveries
    Addressed a commonly exploited issue online where the pitch marker would show a totally incorrect landing point for deliveries that were pitched well wide or had significant swing. Pitch markers are now more accurate, with batter skill determining the exact accuracy of the displayed marker position.

  • Improved Commentary
    A few adjustments have been made to increase the accuracy of a number of commentary lines, and reduce some repetitiveness.

  • Resolved pitch marker not appearing for late release deliveries
    As with the issue relating to wide/swinging deliveries, an exploit online was to deliberately release late, which resulted in the pitch marker not appearing. This has been addressed, however in some circumstances the marker will now appear later than it would have prior to this patch. When the marker had been able to show early - such as on very easy difficulties, it would have been inaccurate, as it was appearing prior to the final position of the ball bounce being calculated.

  • Resolved issues unlocking achievements
    A few achievements/trophies had issues unlocking - such as requiring completing an element without simulation when that wasn’t stated in the achievement description text. These have been adjusted to be unlockable as they were intended.

  • General stability improvements
    Numerous general bug fixes have been implemented, monitoring the bug reports that are sent in on the Big Ant support site, as well as via the console problem report functions.

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