Cricket 24 - Patch Notes 8 April

Improved pitch marker display
When playing against the AI, the pitch marker will now appear earlier in the delivery process on easier difficulties. In online multiplayer, the marker will show later than in local play due to internet latency.

Improved shots against spinners
Improvements to batting against spinners have been made, for both playing defence/blocking and for playing special shots, e.g. slog sweeps. This corrects some issues where despite timing well, a player might miss the ball or be told their input was poor.

Correct Babar Azam visual
An update to the player database added an incorrect beard to Azam, this has been restored to the previous visual.

Resolved issues with Online Custom Difficulty
Issues were found for users who were playing saved games online and using the custom difficulty feature getting incorrect slider values with a resumed match. These issues have been resolved.
Note that some issues may still occur on saves that were created on the previous patch, however, all new saved matches will be corrected.