Cutscenes, Goal Celebrations and Kicking Styles

I like the work of the artists in this game, but wish there were more.
I think most people look at the cutscenes closely for the first few playthroughs… but start skipping once they’ve seen them before.

I was wondering if there are systems in place where, maybe future games, might get more varying cutscenes that’ll give a more unique feel for many more games?

i.e that quarter time coach cutscene, or the half time-locker room cutscene… if it had 10 more variations that the artists could work on… could the programming allow them to easily be added to the game?
Maybe randomly choose any variation… or maybe have a little programming to decide more contextual variations to choose for the cutscenes.
That would be nice, and would have people appreciating the graphics more for longer (given you see less detail when actually playing the game from a zoomed out camera angle).

Adding to this, more goal-kicking styles of players (the way Buddy or Tomahawk have set shots now)… hopefully there’s the ability to ‘assign a kicking style’ to a player already… so the programmers could focus more time on gameplay/management/be-a-pro etc… and the artists could keep dropping in more cutscenes/styles in future patches/games.


One of the trailers featured a range of unique goal celebrations like the motorbike and the arrow. Has anyone seen them in regular play? Charlie Cameron kicked 3 on me the other night and every one had the stock celebrations. Would love to see some more variety of these in general play.

Long term it’d be great to have a big range of celebrations and the ability to assign them to custom players.


When I score a goal with the legendary Xavier Duursma why don’t I see him doing his trademarked archer celebration? It’s what makes him who he is. Would love to see that. I know it’s implemented but it would be cool if it worked.

The only celebrations I get is the first goal of the game sometimes the player goes ballistic. Other than that every goal the player looks depressed and gets pat on the back by his team mates as if it’s a conciliation goal and they are losing by 50 points.

It even happens when I get a goal to go ahead so dumb. I’m assuming celebrating is a thing they also removed and have to be re added