Detailed Reviews/Graphics/Summary throughout Gameplay

• For Test Matches, have the detailed stats/summary for each Session, and needs more graphics/analysis of players/pitch/weather during the gameplay.
• Also please make the Hud bigger and has to have changes in it throughout the game. Especially for test matches, it should often show what time it is, which session, etc.
• If we were to have different hud choices such as Retro Style, or Classic/modern (recreate Sky Sports or other real hud), or even custom ones that users can create, that would be BRILLIANT!

Any other suggestions please feel free to add on. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Custom huds would be amazing. It would be nice if they could include them in the academy for us to download. I wasn’t a fan of the T20 one in Cricket 22. The Test/ODI one was nice and clean

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