Difficulty Level

Hi Just bought the game (UK) a bit of a newbie whats the best Difficulty leval should i start with ? thanks

Start medium, give yourself the opportunity to learn the controls before moving onto hard.

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I would even start on easiest to give you the freedom to test the possibilities of the controls and what you can achieve with the ball.

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It depends on how well you know the rules, do you mean you live in the uk and you know or don’t know the rules? PC is a few patches ahead and gameplay seems to be running a bit better, I’d start on easy or medium. Run a couple game then if you’re not getting pumped try and bump it up.

Words of advice: play around with tactics. If you find something that works against one team may or may not work for the next.

Yes only watch Live matches in the UK, unsure of the rules, been playing it since yesterday and tbh i like it so far,

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Yes Matty, im on Easy atm and tinkering around with settings but as i get better i’ll up the Difficulty

Nice mate, there’s still a few patches to roll out which will improve it a lot.

Also if you’ve played fifa they are adding a pro team mode which is similar to ultimate team, it’ll have legends etc which will be cool.