Downloading Teams in Academy without player skills being increased

Hey guys - I keep downloading teams from the academy and it automatically makes all the players ridiculously good.

As an example, base game Afghanistan is a 72 overall. When I download a team from the academy with the same overall, the team is now a 79?

Trying to get the licenses kits and teams without these ridiculous players

I worked this out after a couple hours for anyone interested in not coming up against teams full of 99ovr players throughout their entire careers.

I deleted all team manager and player manager data from the academy to base game defaults.

Once I started the career, I downloaded all the best versions of the teams. This meant that all the licensing was there but none of the player stats could change in the career mode. So now I’m not coming up against an 85ovr Zimbabwe in the World Cup or a 90ovr Lancashire but they still look authentic to the real life teams. :raised_hands:t3:

Hey Ryan. Would I have to start a new Career mode to be able to play World Cup? Basically I bought the game on release and still cant find any World Cup tournament? Im in 2032 now and havent played a tournament. I just hope if I start a new one, I’ll be able to play tournaments.

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If the players you are downloading from the academy are linked to the on disk version, then it should give you the option to keep either profile, stats, playface etc or change to downloaded version.
I personally think you should be able to download the teams kits individually… would make things much easier.

Should have selected an international team when you were creating your career mode player? Is your selection status set to “hardest”? I would say, start a new career mode :slight_smile:

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So when I was testing all this out, it didn’t matter what option I chose when downloading teams (keeping original players or downloading new versions and replacing or not replacing etc etc). Really frustrating. This was my only work around that I could find but worked

I always check some of the players in the download team and download individually and see if they link before doing the whole team. Academy is all over the place when downloading and linking. Really frustrating!