Duplicate teams in world cup (LOL)

I started a new career after you guys did something to the career mode & world cups in patches, and all of a sudden the world cups didn’t exist anymore. I wanted to play these tournaments so I spent quite some time working my way up in the new career. I finally got there, was selected for the t20 world cup, and was keen to play it.

I then discovered Nepal is in both groups for the world cup LOL. How does that even work :joy: . It finally got too much and I deleted the game.

There are so many basic issues that you guys continually neglect for some reason. I have played every version since don bradman cricket 14, I was happy to pay nearly $100 for each new edition since the games were decent and I thought my money, alongside others, would go towards supporting a studio that is passionate about their games.

Turns out I’m wrong and probably dumb for thinking so. Thanks big ant, for all the good and bad memories. Not getting anything else you guys put out for sure

(Also why is Bangladesh censored :joy:)

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