EA4 Feedback - Stamina and Adrenaline shots

Hey everyone,

With the release of EA4 adding some new specific systems to the game I would love all feedback about these to be here. Of course the other topic will be there for the more general things but here specifically for these two new additions.

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I don’t know if you read feedback on Steam forum so I put my post here too :
I don’t like this adrenaline thing, it’s not necessary. We want a good tennis game with a good roster and good gameplay. That’s all.
Please leave this adrenaline gimmick for Mario Tennis (or at least allow us to turn it off).


The stamina seems right, I liked the way it works. Although in long rallies you don’t seem to notice the fatigue.
The adrenaline shots don’t! I didn’t like them at all, I feel they don’t really add anything, it feels fantasy, as if the players had “powers” to get an advantage, definitely not! We don’t need that, neither should cards like in TWT2 be part of a game that aspires to simulate tennis.


I agree that the adrenalin should be removed as it’s just fantasy, and that you should concentrate on the animations, movement and timing.

loot at the gameplay of your concurent…Again, the most important is the animation of the player


Totally agree with you,

Please check body language

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I think the ball speed is perfect now. I don’t think that should change. For me, the physics of the ball is perfect now.

Don’t see any point to the adrenaline gimmick.
Unsure how that made it into the update when the general publics concern was gameplay / animations & physics.

Serve configuration -
I preferred the previous control figurations for serving

Roster looking impressive so please get the gameplay down even if it means getting two people playing tennis with suits on to capture correct motions and movement.

From this update the only positive I can take is

New players added

Please keep on topic as best as possible. I know it can be annoying to post things in two places but keep this about the Stamina and Adrenaline systems!

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Good morning, Im with the other guys I dont like it, I think it can your on Online gameplay so you have you own shots but not for singleplayer that we want to have the more realistic feeling possible of the individual players. With this said I think you should take out of the singleplayer at least.
Thanks for the update!!

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I find myself never using the adrenaline shots because it’s so hard to remember what each of the symbols mean or what it actually does in the middle of the match. Plus, it takes away from the realness of the sport. I agree with the users who suggest to implement an option to turn this feature off (similar to skill cards in TWT2).

Hi ,
Agree with the other , but so please don’t put adrenaline shot in online and career mode please or let the choice to disable it
In my opinion this feature is not realistic and i don’t use it , it’s useless .
Regarding stamina , good idea but you have to calibrate the stamina with player accuracy and speed movment ( more the player is accurate and shot is powerfull , more he use stamina )

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I think you should change Adrenaline systems to ‘’ Momentum swings’’ & remove the 3 adrenaline system buttons.

Similar to nba2k when a player is running hot/cold

If the player is on a roll with number of points in a row they’ve got momentum & makes it harder to get passed them. Similar to Real tennis, when a player is feeling it they have the momentum swing & the opposition can only wait for the momentum to die off.

But tbh you should collate your ideas put therm in a twitter poll & enunmous wins.

Should be ‘’ the players game’’

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I’m on board with this.

The good thing about the EA is we get to try things - this didn’t hit the mark so we will change it - and amazingly enough I had already reached similar conclusions to yours.

We have momentum in our other games and it is much more natural.

A difference I would have is that players do not need to wait for the momentum, they can help arrest it by the type of shots played, etc. for example, controlling the pace of the game.


The endurance bar is a good idea, for stamina and “magic powers” I think it’s a useless gadget. Although it is a game, I want as much realism as possible . thank you for the work and your listening

Again one last time this is just for Stamina and Adrenaline. All other things please put them in the mega thread.

im trying to put feedback in but its not working, is it being moved to feedback section

I think that adrenaline bar is great addon, it is positioned discrete on the screen so no impact on visibility and what is more important it does give a note of reality because many players like Djokovic etc. acumulate adrenaline during the match and it gives them additional boost in some crucial moments (Djokovic demonstrated some killer returns in some epic matches against Federer and Nadal).
I used it to make power returns when trying to make break and that is what we can see in a real match too.
I wish that it will stay.

I get what your saying, however, Novaks adrenaline was generally ignited by the crowd. Then once he got himself back into the game you could feel a ‘‘momentum swing’’

There’s ways to perform killer shots without this adrenaline thing. It’s too arcadish. You know the saying ‘‘KISS’’ lets not over complicate.

You have two choices - go on rails early and have fantastic animation OR have the ability to take control at any time, causing animation to be a bit more snappy.

We will do our best to limit the “snappiness”, and each update is better than the previous in this regard, but people have to understand that being able to leave an animation sequence at any time is prioritising gameplay over pure aesthetics - it is a balance.

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Gonna have to agree with everyone else. Being the official ATP/WTA game, this game shouldn’t be adding in all these extra effects and powers. Just keep it simple and fun.

Once the game is in a better state, I’d be happy if the dev team spent time on some fun/arcade mode with powers, but keep that shinanegan out of the regular game mode please.

Stina is fine for now. Could use some tweaking but it’s acceptable as is.

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