EA5 in game. Your opinion?

I love the game now but i will share some things to improve if its possible :

1 - Disable Zoom on service or put it as an option in the menu

2 - the sound of the players’ grunts is too low (Rublev, Sabalenka…ect) audio mixing problem I think, because in the menu I have everything at 100 for the sound

3 - the slice deserves more power, with a rectilinear trajectory when you do a powerful slice

4 - very difficult to make Aces with big servers, the iA always returns. I’ve tried serving with Sabalenka, Kyrgios and Zverev, and it’s very difficult to make an ace.

5 - please, fix underarm serve for iA, give this ONLY for players who do it like Kyrgios, Paire, Moutet, Bublik… Because here ALL players do it and its Free win for us, too easy to se it. So please fix that.

6 - i’ve noticed some texture bugs

7 - the clay has a very bad texture

8 - need training mode (not tutorial), true training mode on career with our coach or machine and we can choose to practice serv, voley, smash, forhand… its usefull and So IMMERSIVE.

Thanks for reading


I find that the services do not have enough impact. the services are tools which must allow you to earn points in order to position yourself to earn points more easily


Hi big ant

It’s not bad my after seeing several youtuber videos that present your games as 2 known youtubers 500,000 subscribers and another 1.68M even it’s youtuber criticizes the games so you lose a lot of players, 95% of the comments are negative for tiebreak compared to the gameplay you really need to improve it because even with the big 3 people won’t buy it he will have a total loss of money and will have invested for nothing courage for the rest I hope it would be really different at the release on August 22 otherwise I think it will not work much again listen to the community when 80% will be fully satisfied with it release it, advises tennis players


First you must say that the gameplay feels better, that’s a very good thing to see.

Thanks for being attentive to the feddback and taking out the adrenaline mode, even so I noticed that holding RB + slice button makes an extremely strong shot replacing the slice. So I understand that you want to implement a button to make a “special” shot. I would like RB to be an option to make risky shots without the need to load the power of the shot to the top, the same in the serve.

The volleys have improved! Now you can play at the net and make deeper shots than before but I feel it lacks aggressiveness, all the shots are soft even the smashes in that position.

Serving is boring, it doesn’t generate me anything and the possibility to serve hard is zero. The effects (kick and slice) visually comply but do not seem to affect anything after the ball bounces.

The slice shots float a lot and go very high, although there are times that you could play that way a slice should also take into account that it can be used as an offensive defensive shot, more flush and at the bottom of the court.

The defensive and reflex shots most of the time are halfway or less to the opponent’s side. They have to give the possibility to be deeper.

The rallies with flat hits and top spin have improved radically, but it is very difficult to do damage with the flat hit without the power reaching red or almost red.

AI: from hard to extreme there is not much difference and they should improve the logic of the decisions he makes, they should be according to where the opponent is and what is happening during the point, many times they cut a rally with an erroneous drop.
Continues to serve a from underarm a lot of times, also two in a row, it is absurd.
In the long rallies to the baseline it is impossible to make a winner, it always reaches the ball.

Stamina: I have the feeling that it goes down without criteria. For me they should make two stamina, one should be momentary for the point that is being disputed and another general (as it is currently), I suggest this because you can run a rally of more than 50 balls without affecting anything.

LT and RT at the same time: I find it better to play using them almost all the time, you can control the player’s location better because it is less slow, although sometimes you can pass the line of the ball. I understand that it is not the intention to use it that way, so doing this should exhaust the player (temporary stamina during the point).

The replays are very boring, they don’t make sense most of the time, the camera doesn’t follow the ball, a lot of slow motion and little atmosphere. It feels very little dynamic

Clay: I like the way the court is marked but I think it should be a little wider, more so the drifts and not “gray” in color, and some strong ball hits could mark the court.
The dust effect that they added does not convince me, it should be something that looks more dense coming from the shoes and when they run and not when they walk.

I’m leaving these comments because I really like the game and I believe that you guys can make it even better.


@Gusbaldo totally agree with stamina, they must improve it so that it has a real impact on game!


Looking at all the videos on EA5, Wondering if Tiebreak would make timing, footwork and shot choice(found in their cricket games) play a bigger part in the game. rallies seem to go on forever and no-one seems to be making any mistakes especially when it comes to all the defensive shots which always goes back over the net.


A few aesthetic issues:

  1. The “ATP Tour” logo at the net is too stretched compared to reality (for both short and long net).
    Here is how the aspect ratio should be fixed.

ezgif.com-animated-gif-maker (2)

  1. The logo at the net for WTA matches should be removed, since is not used in reality.
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After several more hours of play I want to update a few things:
LT and RT:
Using them individually feels slow as the player moves, it is useful to accommodate to the hit but not to run. I think the speed at which the player runs should be increased according to the meters he runs so that he doesn’t need to keep both at the same time.

Power of the shots:
I have noticed that to achieve powerful or maximum shots you must press the button a little before the opponent hits the ball if possible, this is uncomfortable because you should choose which shot to make after the opponent makes his shot and not before, I can change the button of course but the power will be affected as well.

Thanks for the Quick fix. I didn’t see now underarm serv! Well done👍


I want to see in the next 2 updates, clay specific slide animations and surface specific ball bounces and speed. Is that possible?


Only online was it fixed?
Because against AI it keeps happening (expert), I just played vs Zverev and he made 3 in a row and another on break point.


I confirm, the Adrenaline mode is still working!
It is active “as in hidden mode” if you hold RB after a few hits you will see what happens, I am not lying.
Please be transparent with what you are doing because if your decision is to leave it without displaying the graphic you have lied to us!
You could make RB risk the shots, for flat shots, topspins and serves.


For me the same. Zverev made three underarm serves in one game. No change seems to me. Please fix speed of players with small patch too, it’s crucial for more realistic and less boring rallies.


the gameplay really gets better, but you have a lot of work to do on the ball physics. we always have the impression that the ball is floating. you need to give more weight to the strikes


Agree with physique ball, need some work on that


Yes a better ball physics, better animations , must be the two gameplay priority.


i think the ball physics are ok if the ball is any faster it be silly and end up too arcadey plus i think you can tell the difference to the flat shot to the topspin shot ect.

I’ve been continuing playing the Game.

Please erase the Defensive shots or make them less high and slow. Its not only unrealistic but it also ruin the rallies. When You can make normal shots (FH and BH) the Game is really really good.

Slice need to be more offensive when You hit it in a good position and with a good power.

Last thing. I played yesterday thee online custom matches with a friend and in two of them we have a bug; The players after a point stay in their places and the Match doesnt continue. We didnt have a code error or something to report.

Keep listening to us!


Absolutely, defensive shots ruin rallies

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