EA5 in game. Your opinion?

Let’s start with the fact that Andrey is not as red-haired as in the game. He also doesn’t growl that often…
I tried to play the first game with Rune and it’s hard to beat so far. I’m playing on maximum difficulty

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Hi Hello , Is there any change in terms of gameplay ?

Hello , The career mode is nice, too bad we can not start with a player create for the moment.
The double mode will have to wait again:-).
For the gameplay, usually I play in “Hard”, but I’m forced to switch to “medium” because I find the AI stronger .
I would like to be able to make online matches, possibility to exchange in order to find slots together between players?
Thank you good day

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Having to press the 2 triggers to move faster I find it “complicated”, 1 button would have been enough I think.


It seemed to me that yes. Now you really put your mind into the hit, that is, you don’t press the button and let go, but rather hold it and feel that the hit will be strong. I also noticed in the first game against Rune that strong hits mostly return to the center of the court, although you seem to be pointing the stick to the side. We will test further, but the game is definitely improving.

So a lot of positive changes, but it is very hard now to hit winners… i don’t think it is because of the ball speed which is very good, but it could be for 2 reasons in my opinion: 1. the players are still moving way too fast over the court, reaching balls that should be impossible to get.
2. defensive/last resort shots land in the court way too often, or are too slow and high, giving so much time to reset the rally.
errors occur way more often because i over power my shots which is fine, but not because i have been pushed to an error (lots of unforced errors but not enough forced errors)
To summarize i had a lot of points lasting over 30-40 exchanges which is way too long.
Otherwise volleys have been improved, but still are clunky especially overheads where it is difficult to know how much power to put in the shot.
also most of the time in real life volleys are played with a slice and not top spin, which is not the case in Tiebreak.
AI is a huge improvement but still struggle on short balls, volleys and especially doesn’t know what to do with defensive shots: most of the time they play a drop shot to the net.
Also still too many underarm serves as soon as i stay further back.
Last note even on expert I have found a way to hit aces 99% of the time: slice on the outside and kick on the outside…

All in all i want to congratulate the team, each update has been full of great improvements if they continue at that pace this might become one if not the best tennis game!

P.S. Sorry i have been editing this post a lot as I am finding new things that could be improved


@JNT_BA game is improving but please fix defensive shots, they are the same from previous months. I mean August is not that far and these kind of shots are very unrealistic…


I know it’s a small thing but Sabalenka’s tattoo is wrong it’s not a Tiger on her arm but looks like a bird on a branch😅

Totally agree with you on the fact that players moving way too fast, which unnecessarily increases rallies duration! Tiebreak is a simulation game, not an arcade game…


It’s exactly his the players run and move too fast the rally lengthens too much and its gives no direct winning point you always have to wait for the ball to come out


For this I suggest looking up the usage of tatoos there’s a whole thing around it. There was a previous sports title that will explain the difficulties around tatto licensing.

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is the game designed to have different ball physics depending on the surface?


Great comment. Agree almost totally.

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thanks, hope the devs do too :sweat_smile:

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the game is far too dark compared to reality, look at the difference on the screen, even when playing in the middle of the afternoon or adjusting the gamma. thank you for getting closer to reality.


For me, the signature moves of Rune and Norrie need to be improved.

I don’t see many aces in video. Is it so difficult to make an ace? Because the serve need to have more impact


Rune , dimitrov, tiafoe , nishikori , wawrinka , and felix alliassime All their gestures need to be reworked


Congrats for continuing improving the Game.
As the Game as it is right now is enjoyable enough BUT of course there is a huge gap of improving.
This are My thoughts after EA5:

_ Defensive and reflex shots still ruin the pace of the rallies. The most of them are too high and give the rival a Lot of time to go back to the Center so it’s hard to be dominant.
This is not Bad , but it would be preferable if it happened the less of the times.

_ I don’t understand how to hit a smash. The player always hit the air

_ I like the difficulty right now but (at least for me) medium is too easy and hard is really hard. Maybe reduce that gap a little bit?

_ I would like to see more powerful shots when You are hitting in a comfortable position. It’s hard right now to feel that You are damaging your rival.

_ The rallies feels good. Maybe as other people say, they are too Long some times. Maybe Increase the rate of unforced errors? Maybe make them movie a little bit slow?

_ This new players, specially rune and rublev feels less worked than the previous ones. Rune have Ruud’s serve and Rublev Zverev’s serve (but i don’t know if everyone will have signature moves. For sure that would be great)

_ I didnt have the chance to test the Match simulator (I work on ships and the fact that i need internet to Open it limit My chances) but this is so important for me. Please make sure that it works in a realistic way. Specially because i like to play with real Match scores and this give me the chance of participate in certains Moments without spending a Lot of time with each Match.

_ Carreer mode is looking good. As Long as it works the same way as AO 2 would be perfect.

Thank You for hearing us. Please keep hearing your community. And please once launch don’t abandon the Game and Start working in a Tiebreak 2 :heart:


Can’t you get a royalty free PNG image of a tiger tattoo or just design one just a thought :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s just a detail, but you absolutely have to add the real racquet bags and replace the white bags.