EA6 : Graphics light on clay...and others surface

After EA 6 on clay, the courts are far too dark and far from reality, whatever the time of day. thank you for reviewing and clarifying all this.


Check this, please do something to be near of the first screen

Real :

TieBreak :


No one noticed that they added ball marks and foot marks on clay after EA5 and its now removed since EA6

Foot marks are still there. I had them in my Clay games.

Its there but it was better before more realistic now its not even noticable look at how it was on EA5


IRL clar marks are not grey like they were in EA5. The color is more realistic now just a slightly lighter color of the clay.

Look at the photo above, look at any footage online it was way more similar. now the texture look like a ps2 game and marks are barely noticable smh…

@JNT_BA Is it that complicated to lighten up this court and have something more realistic?

Getting lighting right is honestly one of the most complicated things especially when it comes to sports as they are played usually at specific times of years. We have a very robust system for lighting using the location of the court in the real world. Angle of the sun based on date and a whole bunch of other things. Then we go in close and then tune things very individually on a tiny scale. I’ve passed all the feedback on to the team responsible for the lighting, when they can I’m sure there will be more tuning.

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But being honest, as far as we see nowadays in the early access, it doesn’t seem to be like you say. There is barely no difference between day and night in terms of lightning and can’t see if the game is being played morning, afternoon or evening. For me lightning doesn’t change depending the time of the day. I am glad you have a robust system and hope what we see now it will be improved a lot for the final product.


Maybe the lighting system is robust, but you just have to open your eyes to see that it’s not right. Maybe we need to look at the textures too, not just the lighting. and the whole world is unanimous on the subject, and not only on clay. thank you.

Please read the last bit before throwing shade. I do not control it but have sent it to the lighting team.

I did not dismiss anything all I said is lighting is complicated and I’m sure more will be done.