EA6 : More speed for service and Animations of dropshot and slice

Its a big mistake , the speed of the first serve should put the receiver in a lot more difficulty, moreover visually the ball is too slow on the first serve. You must at least double the service on the first ball and also put more bounce on the kicker when serving. in order to really have an interest in the service and to stick to reality

For animations of dropshot and slice : the animations are not realistic and resemble those of beginners. Each pro player has his own slice and dropshot. All the animations are generic and not at all realistic. at the net I see that the power is too low and do not seem realistic on the animations


I played an online match recently and my opponent has chosen a big server (Rune). I was not able to constantly get the return back when the serve placement was spot on. Without guessing the right direction in such cases it seems that, like in real life, the return is very hard. So from my point of view the serve speed is fine and reflects the reality. Or maybe I don’t know the “trick” how to get to every serve :slight_smile:

perhaps the problem does not come from the speed of the service but from the ability of the opponent to deliver all services without difficulty.

Yes, that might be true. It is currently too easy to produce good serves, as you are not really able to put them out on right or left side. I think I can remember the old topspin games (topspin 4 I guess) that when you press the direction cursor for too long in a specific direction the ball goes out. In Tiebreak this is not the case. I think this is one way to make the servers more difficult. The other is to combine the sensitivity of the cursor button with the power added to the serve. The harder the serve the more difficult to hit the corners… It was stated that they are working on the serve mechanics, let’s see what they will push out in EA7.


the speed are to slow , really slow whereas reality

Yes, flat serv need more speed for exemple