Early access 5 feedback for developers

First of all great work developers, the game has improved a lot, also the players models look really good and there are a lot of animations which is good, it would be nice to see a few more like for rune and Dimitrov, but i know you cant get all the separate animations for each players so you have already got a very good amount of animations, well done again. :grinning:


  • Players feel a bit to fast like you can get any ball unless the Ai get a smash
  • The Ai miss lots of easy smashes this needs to be improved
  • Ai on expert is a bit to easy to beat, they make a lot of errors
  • When serving it does not feel like you have an advantage, serving is to slow and feels the same for every player (the power of the serve feels the same), it is impossible to ace when serving as well, this needs to be improved so that it feels like you have an advantage when serving and can occasionally get an ace and also be able to serve effieciently
  • Give nishioka a cap
  • Quite hard to hit a powerful winner forehand or backhand, tweak the power a bit so we can sometimes hit a winner against ai
  • Spins are to slow and add more animations for spins

Will add some more when i play much more. Other people add feedback here as well.


The 3 most important things:
-fix players moves, too speed!
-improve serves, some players with great serve must strike more powerfully to give us a chance to score ace!
-take off camera zoom on serve, it’s useless (or put it as an option)

Great job guys, continue!


You point out most of the main issue especially players moving too fast and serves. But AI on expert is not too easy because he makes too much errors. AI makes too much error when approaching the net or hitting a volley no matter what the difficulty is. But on the baseline he barely make one and reducing errors on the baseline would make the rallies even longer(which we dont want). The solution is to make the AI smarter and try more winners and more aces


Big texture issue on this EA5 that need to be resolved quickly! Moreover, clay on WTA Charleston is like a green/grey clay, but you kept the traces of brown clay, it’s not realistic and ugly…

I love the game now but i will share some things to improve if its possible :

1 - Disable Zoom on service or put it as an option in the menu

2 - the sound of the players’ grunts is too low (Rublev, Sabalenka…ect) audio mixing problem I think, because in the menu I have everything at 100 for the sound

3 - the slice deserves more power, with a rectilinear trajectory when you do a powerful slice

4 - very difficult to make Aces with big servers, the iA always returns. I’ve tried serving with Sabalenka, Kyrgios and Zverev, and it’s very difficult to make an ace.

5 - please, fix underarm serve for iA, give this ONLY for players who do it like Kyrgios, Paire, Moutet, Bublik… Because here ALL players do it and its Free win for us, too easy to se it. So please fix that.

6 - i’ve noticed some texture bugs

7 - the clay has a very bad texture.


8 - need training mode (not tutorial), true training mode on career with our coach or machine and we can choose to practice serv, voley, smash, forhand… its usefull and So IMMERSIVE.

Thanks for reading

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I have made many games since the biggining of the Early Access. I have 110 hours on gameplay.

I want to thank you to hear pour feedback, it’s very important for us.

I like very much EA update 5, very nice improvements. But you can do more😉.

1/On service, can you disable or make a option for the zoom? It’s disturbing sometimes

2/ Players when they are on defense made too many often defensive high balls, it’s not realist. These balls should hit the ground or the player touches it but without enough energy to reach the net.

3/ Hard and expert are now good enough but the CPU should made more aces, winners or direct faults.

4/ Many strange textures and bad collisions : please, fixe it.

5/ The game needs a more dynamic ground when the players made great strikes. More ambiance.

6/ more transition on the little steps to erase slidding.

7/ we need sliders like AO Tennis 2 to custom ball speed and our mouv by surface. It was a very nice option.

8/ Career mode is the heart of a game : we needs to have our statistics by tournament, vs some players, a trophy room, many cinematics, etc…

9/ Legends are nice to play, I hope on Tiebreak we can play with them and add an option to play them on career mode if we want.

10/Grunts are not lound enough. Sabalenka’s grunts for exemple are too shy.

11/ Having 120 players is awesome but I hope signature mouvs are in too!

12/ Career mode schedule is very nice but management menu is a bit to old shoold. More color will be nice.

13/ I like the players modelisation and the venues but the colors need to be more flashy, less tern and blue.

14/ Less underarm serves : only sometimes for Kyrgios or Chang👀

15/ All CPU wear blank clothes, we need more variety and more color. We can’t choose in career mode, if it’s a CPU star his/her clothes.

16/ All CPU women and all CPU men have the same type of service. I think it’s the same for backhand and forehand. More variety please. There are many available in the game.

17/ More details on clay, more players steps on clay, I think it’s the same for grass, need to be less clean round after round.

The game could be very nice if the animations will be better, and having better transition. You have great ideas.

As Ross said : TieBreak is a game made by the community, for the community.

Listen to us and TieBreak could be the real tennis simulation that tennis fans want to play. We deserved it🔥


@JNT_BA @RossSymons if you fix the game following his feedback, you will have made the best tennis game ever (as you said).