Early Access 5 | Gameplay Greatly Improved | Impressions & Further Feedback

As this is a long post i just wanted to bullet point a few things.

Things That Don’t Need To be Changed

  • I believe the core gameplay is basically perfect at the moment. It is very very
    good. If people are having issues and it is deemed adjustments need to be made,
    please limit these to the lower difficulty levels

  • I think the ball speed and player movement speed is actually perfect now and shouldn’t be changed. Please don’t change the current movement model which uses the triggers to set up for backhand and forehand shots and both for scramble. This is perfect and very intuitive once you get used to it. For those that have issues, the game really opens up once you get used to using a combination of scramble and the left and right triggers. You really get a feel for how the scramble should be used when playing hard and expert difficulty and observing how the CPU character moves around the court. Maybe a tutorial needs to be added that really hammers home the importance of the scramble to the core movement. It not just a move to be used for emergency situations where the opponent hits an amazing shot, use the scramble as your general run button so you have enough time or as much time as you can give yourself to enable you to set up for your shots.

  • While it is true that it feels like AI difficulty on hard and expert can get to almost every ball, I actually wouldn’t change this too much. I am now having no real issues winning matches or hitting out right winners on these difficulties. Don’t get me wrong, its not easy. Every point feels extremely tense and is a battle and my matches on these difficulties are lasting almost as long as real tennis matches, but this is exactly what real tennis is like and is extremely rewarding when the game starts clicking for you and you can compete on hard and expert difficulty.

Things To Further Improve

  • Further tweaking of slice and volley animations related to the animation of actually
    hitting the ball but has been greatly improved with EA5 and I am pretty happy with
    them at the moment…
  • Possibly increase service ball speed ever so slightly but not really an issue
  • Replay camera improvements in terms of available camera positions (such as
    camera etc.) Both in the manual replay mode and end of match highlights mode.
  • Continued animation improvements if possible but already very good.
  • Grand Slams
  • Commentary would be a great addition. Tennis Elbow has options for this and
    really adds to the experience.
  • Fix clipping of players through barriers in starting cinematic (ATP Finals Court)
  • A final winning grunt / scream would be cool in rare occasions where a rally goes
    on for a certain length of time and you hit an overpower winner ( But should be
    a rare occurrence as may get annoying)
  • Possibly reduce AI drop shots slightly but this is subjective
  • Reduce occurrences of ball hitting top of net and trickling over. I suppose also
  • Challenge system / Hawk-eye (I believe this has already been discussed by the
    devs as well as ball kids and linesman?)
  • Sliding animations on clay
  • The scoreboard sometimes errors at the start of a new set and gives one of the
    players a 1 or 2 game lead before the set has started. Then corrects itself after the
    first game is completed.
  • Please make camera zoom on serve a toggle in options menu.
  • Please have the games default setting with ball trail set to off, and an option like
    Tennis Elbow has to draw a very faint black line around the ball to allow it to be
    more visible on certain courts. Again, this should be a toggle in options.
  • In career mode where you can simulate matches, I would like the option to be
    able to view / spectate the simulated matches and watch both CPU’s go at it on
    hard and expert difficulty. Preferably also having the option to view the match from
    a variety of gameplay cameras and maybe even a player box or fan cam as if you
    are sitting in the stands? Would also be cool if you could spectate online matches
    in this way also.

As I commented on the previous update with my thoughts regarding improvements, I felt it only fair that I gave my feedback once again now that the new update has arrived.

I have spent a great deal of time with it and can say without a doubt that in terms of the base gameplay and feel of gameplay it is definitely the best tennis game I have played since Top Spin 1.

Pretty much every suggestion that I and many others had with respect to baseline play, player movement, ball speed and slice and volley improvements have been improved with this update.

I would actually say at this point, the developers need to be very careful in terms of any further updates that change things too drastically because i genuinely think they have captured lightning in a bottle with gameplay at the moment.

I very much like the fact that the risk/abilities have been removed as they were not needed.

In terms of things that can be further improved. I would only be nitpicking really but the ball speed on serve could be sped up ever so slightly as hitting 130mph serves doesn’t really feel as fast it should.

The animations are already in a very good state but any further improvements that can continue to make the player movement look as life like as possible would be very much appreciated.

The feel of slices and volleys and the ball speed and angle of both volley and slice shots have improved but I still feel as though the player animations for some of those shots could be further tweaked.

I very much appreciate the replay mode and the ability to move the camera around but feel that it could definitely be improved. I would like further default camera options to be available in the replay mode so you can view your replay like watching a real match. Such as some sort of broadcast camera and the camera options available during gameplay such as the “far” camera etc. Currently in replay mode you cant move the camera far enough behind the players back and it is very difficult to get both players in the frame when trying to watch the replay from the perspective behind your player character.

I like that you can watch highlights at the end of a match but most of the camera positions for each highlight are not very good at all and often you cant even see the ball or players.

I would again prefer if the highlights used some type of broadcast camera position.

I am not sure if this affects other courts but on the ATP Finals Court the players are clipping through the barrier in the starting cinematic.

I think the game is shaping up to be something really special and think that it would be a massively missed opportunity to not include the grand slams. I am not sure if the devs have come out and made a statement in this regard?

I feel that the AI maybe does go for too many drops shots but in my experience this does feel AI player dependant. And I think that balls hit the top of the net and trickle over far too often. It should still absolutely be a feature of the game but it does happen a little bit too much.

All in all I am feeling extremely positive about the current state of the game and thank you to the devs for continuing to improve the game and listening to feedback.


I agree the gameplay is really good now and I think the difficulty levels at the top should stay.Also maybe good to have a practice court so people can get used to the controls more.Another thing in create a player the eyebrow colour picker is missing also can we have an option to have no eyebrows aswell so we can see the eyebrows on uploaded face textures or have more eyebrow options also be nice to get a chin slider and more custom clothe designs.Will glasses and jewellery be available? I wanna Have my Martina Navratilova be able to have glasses and maybe have more vintage clothing if possible.One thing I would love is to have Steffi Graf stroke animations in the game please Devs​:crossed_fingers::+1:lol

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A week ago I couldn’t even win in Hard mode, but I’ve played a lot and now I can win in Expert sometimes. It’s very enjoyable. I think the difficulty is really well balanced at the moment.

And I agree that there should be a real free training mode, whether in the career or main menu, so that you can choose what you want to work (serve, smash, voley, drop shot…).

The tutorial mode is not practical for practicing over and over again. What’s needed is a real free court with a coach or machine and a menu for choosing what you want to work on. And it will be so immersive :heart_eyes:


Seriously i think this now has the best gameplay of any tennis game i’ve ever played just maybe the serve needs tweaking.


Yes, we absolutely do need a practice mode so that we can practice al the shots.


I’m loving the gameplay since update 4. Something in the good way. Playing with the Dualsense is evenn better than the Xbox pad.

There is no script at all. You have to play well to win a point. Polish a bit animations, transitions, AI strategy, and it will a masterpiece!

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