Early Access/Beta on Consoles

@RossSymons @JNT_BA

Really excited for this game, and appreciate the work Big Ant are putting into such a content packed Rugby game.

I just have one question/suggestion, that I would love to have some clarification on if possible.

I am a tad concerned with Rugby 24 not releasing early access on console, I believe it may isolate a large portion of the supporter base and market for this game.
Rugby 20 (a different developer I know) did a good job with a phased beta released on all platforms and it was a great way to iron out the creases and implement feedback from all platforms. I really think Rugby 24 could benefit from this.


If only bro. I’m seriously contemplating buying a gaming PC specifically for this game.

How crazy is that? I’m not waiting out in the cold for god knows how long before playing it on console.

Cheers for that Big Ant/Nacon :beers:


You would buy one for just a few months? At least wait until you see it :rofl:

I can only imagine the keyboard rage if you bought a whole pc for the game then didn’t like it :sweat_smile:

Just like one up then watch a few gameplay vids. If you like it, run out and get that pc :smiling_face:

I already know it’s going to be the best rugby game to date gameplay wise, graphically, features wise and licensing wise. As someone who’s played a lot of their games I know exactly what I’m getting from the game. I’ve just been waiting a long time for the day that Big Ant make a rugby union game and waiting an extra 2,3,4,5,6+ months to play it on console is not something I want to do.

That’s fair enough! I don’t think I could wait either!