Early impressions/feedback of the new update


  • Players models look great
  • Need to add more animations so each player feels different, eg give nishioka and Felix there own animations (serve, forehand and backhand) and other players. i will say the animations you currently have are quite good, for example sheltons forehand animation is perfect
  • For nishioka add a cap, as he always wears a cap when playing
  • AI overall are a bit better now, also better at the net, but still make quite a fair amount of mistake at the net which needs to be improved
  • Change the forehand and backhand slice animations
  • Will put more feedback when playing longer
  • Add ball boys
  • It is still almost impossible to serve an ace.
  • When serving, while moving the joystick to aim where i serve it doesn’t really do anything now i think this is a bug with this new update, needs fixing, every serve i do is the same place even when i aim it to the T line or the corner

More feedback after lots of gameplay

  • The AI still respond really bad to drop shots, every time i do a drop shot the AI always fail to hit it in or they just hit there side of the net, needs fixing
  • Give kyrigos a backwards cap to make him more realistic and reduce the size of Medvedev forehead.
  • Bug, when choosing an alternate outfit for the players it doesn’t apply in the match, for example when i choose coric’s 2nd outfit (orange Asics shirt) in the match it used his default blue outfit, i also tried it with other characters and had the same problem again
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Thanks for the feedback mate.

Are there people playing online ? If no, I will come later

I thought the serving aim was too sensitive before, but you’re right that now it seems non existent.

3rd uniform reverts back to uniform 1 (only noticed with Sakkari as yet).

Same issue as others with serve, zero direction is possible now.

Some wild over hits out of nothing from CPU.

Indoor in Turin I’m getting big performance drops down to low 20s FPS. Maybe down to extra shadows? Haven’t had chance to go on other indoor ones yet. Before update I could go constant 100+ no problem.

thanks for your thorough feedback and response.
In regards to the serving mechanic- we are exploring and honing a new mechanic and its WIP. For now, user have to aim prior to ball toss in order to serve in a direction.
We will have updates next week with better accessibility to showcase this new mechanic :).

How do you feel about the new and improvement movement system?

Hello, i think the movement in my opinion feels a bit better, previously it felt like you were sliding everywhere but it does not feel like that anymore, the movement feels more freely moveable now, and less stiff. A good improvement overall, also i like that you haven’t just added top players, you added players like nishioka who i actually wanted in the game.

I have more than 63 hours for now. The game feels better update After update but this update has 3 problems for me :

  • the ball colour has change not yellow it’s too dark now I lost many points because I don’t see the ball!
  • I didn’t like the new serv system, because now I always serv in the same zone, I can’t touch the T anymore. My left stick is now useless when I serv.
  • the game feels less fluid now. I was at 240 FPS befor, but now I think is too low.

Overall, there are less slinding, Cpu made more errors, more différents clothes.
Please fix the ball color first because is unplayable for me now

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Yep i agree with the serving point you said, when serving the joysticks don’t do anything when aiming for the t line or corner although i think they are adding a new serve system next week so hopefully it improves, also to help you with seeing the ball i think there is some setting like ball trail and something else, which may help you for now.

Movement animation is still pretty bad.If they could just make similiar to Ful ace it would be great and could be enjoyable to play. Example YT link AUSTRALIAN OPEN 1.6 MOD | FULL ACE TENNIS SIMULATOR | Federer vs Djokovic

Yep same as above, overall it is getting better.

Impossible to choose the direction when serving

The clock is not incrementing during a game

We don’t see players equipment in the bench when playing

Players specific movement could be cool

Thabk you for the additional players

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there will be the same Tools for this game available on steam so we can put in the game logos in svg from the internet like in AO TENNIS 2 ?

  • The AI still respond really bad to drop shots, every time i do a drop shot the AI always fail to hit it in or they just hit there side of the net, needs fixing
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  • Bug, when choosing an alternate outfit for the players it doesn’t apply in the match, for example when i choose coric’s 2nd outfit (orange asics shirt) in the match it used his default blue outfit.

When is the next update going to be released ??? The week is about to end, and the update you mentioned still hasn’t arrived !!!

It’s Wednesday, the week is just half done… its ready when it’s ready.


In the country I live in, the new week starts on Sunday. That’s why I said the week is going to finish. About the next update, what is it going to include? Only the new serve system, or other things ?

Hi first of all very happy with how the game is evolving!
My main complain is like everybody else the serve mechanic and return for that matter…
In AO2 it was impossible for me serve an ace, now every time i go for a serve down the T its an ace. If i go for any other type of serve (on the outside or through the middle) the serve will go out 99% of the the time or the AI will return like a doped Djokovic …
Other than that the stats during a game are off as well, like each ace is counted twice.
Drop shots, even when in the middle of the court barely bounce.
I also find the net clearance should be higher for top spin shots: I feel like the player naturally goes to ball way too quickly after it bounces and the ball just ends up in the net.
Also will we be able to edit shoes in Tiebreak? Like it was possible to download community outfits from different brands in AO2, but never shoes, which kind of bothered me…even wearing other pros shoes was not possible, is that a licencing issue?
Also it seems impossible for me to switch off the marker where the ball lands??
P.S. sorry i keep on editing this post as i am trying to find things to improve…
Love the players models and animations!
looking forward to the new update, keep up the great work!


When is the next update coming ?! We are at the end of the week now…


Hello Sir,

We all are looking forward to the next update, but give them time to do their best. They are not a robots. If they feel that is need more time to complete improvments, then it’s absolutely all right.

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I am not asking them to be faster or anything. The Friday before last Friday, they said next week, which is today is the end of it, is when the next update is coming. They said it, so I am only asking them to do what they said, not telling them to hurry or anything. I hope you understand my point…

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