Early impressions

As background, I’ve benefited from playing both Cricket 19 and Cricket 22 through Xbox Gamepass, which I found to be some of the best cricket games I’ve played, so wanted to support the developers on this occasion by purchasing. Not thrilled by the product out of the box, so below is my attempt at some constructive feedback because I know Big Ant can make great cricket games.

Where I have listed player issues, these won’t be an exhaustive list I imagine, but are attempts to illustrate the issues in enough detail to perhaps help the team pinpoint the causes.

  • Appears to be new shot animations, some of which look really good.
  • New grounds look pretty great. Audio sounds different in different countries, but not much fan noise
  • Players in the editor don’t look like the versions in game - Rilee Rossouw (generic in editor, scanned face), most IPL players (I think all of those added specifically as IPL players). A lot of their names change once you go attempt to edit that specific player (edits then don’t save and create a version linked to their unlicensed version) - unlicensed versions appear to still be linked? Would be great if we could see which ones actually do look like their real life selves in the editor.
  • Issues with scans - Guptill, Pooran. Seem to be some strange things happening graphically.
  • Statistics all appear as 0 (ie. Matches: 0, Innings: 0, Runs: 0) - Johnson Charles, Andre Russell, Dwayne Bravo, Chadwick Walton, Mark Deyal, Lockie Ferguson, Rovman Powell, Romario Shepherd, Keemo Paul, Shimron Hetmeyer. At least some of these are a carry over from Cricket 22.
  • Ratings - seem very different to last iterations. Not sure if deliberate or a glitch. Some seem very extreme.
  • Pace bowling often looks slow, even if you adjust visual speed. Also seems to be a big difference in visual speeds even if the “measured speed” is the same. Unclear if this is just settings not adjusting within matches
  • Square cuts don’t seem to work, slog sweeps too. The latter is a carry over from Cricket 22.
  • Does ball swing in white ball games? Didn’t seem to do so.
  • Commentary from different commentators randomly triggers in (ie old commentators when it sounds like it’s meant to be Gilchrist, Atherton & Mel Jones)
  • Grounds called “Lords” when they’re not Lords in commentary.
  • Stadium locations have glitches on first two tabs (I think home default, away default stadiums, before you get into individual countries) eg. Delhi Stadium, Lahore; Rajasthan Stadium, New Delhi. A linked issue seems to be IPL teams don’t have their stadiums linked
  • Can’t apply licensed bats to players. More of a wishlist item, but would be cool if we could edit equipment for all players, not just unlicensed players (eg. change batting gloves etc)
  • Bats in editor & from community seem to glitch - stickers are not placed properly, won’t allow you to place on the spine of the bat etc
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