Enhancements for Cricket 24

  1. Batting Styles: Let’s make each player’s batting style unique. For example, when Rohit Sharma bats, he should bat like Rohit. Right now, everyone plays shots the same way, and that’s not as enjoyable.
  2. Bowling Variety: We can add more bowling styles tied to real players, which would make the game more interesting.
  3. Smoother Fielding:The fielding is good, but we can make it smoother so that it doesn’t look strange when players throw the ball.
  4. Camera Angles & Highlights:During replays, we need new camera angles to make things more exciting. Also, after a wicket, we should show slow-motion player celebrations. At the end of the match, a recap of all the important moments would be great.
  5. Realistic Player Models: We should make the players look better and move more realistically.currently looks like most player heights are similar and looks like too fit.
  6. Enhanced Cut Scenes: Adding more scenes to make the game feel real, like players taking breaks, changing gloves or bats, and showing the crowd going wild during big moments.please update the cutscenes of coin toss(may be you need to change camera angle)(currently looks like 4 peoples are standing simply no dynamic movements(to be honest toss presentation way better in cricket 19 than cricket 24).pre match practice session post match hand shakes that will add further depth.man of the match movement and small interview of the player(10 sec is also enough). it alls adds truely depth in the game
  7. Dynamic Crowd and Bat Sounds: The crowd should react to the game with cheers, and the sound of the bat should change depending on whether the ball hits it or the edge.
  8. Commentary Variety: We need more commentators who can share interesting stories during the game, such as Harsha Bhogle, Ian Bishop, Ravi Shastri, and Donny Morrison.

extras : Rain interupption play,extreme injuries(finger fracture while fielding),show commentrator cut scenes,pitch reporter cut scenes, sledging .these will add further depth in game. make some changes in game UI to make game attractive

By making these changes, Cricket 24 could become an even more enjoyable game for everyone, and more people might want to play it. Developers, please consider these ideas to make the game even better.