Fatigue and Interchange

  1. Love to see players fatigue levels on the interchange screen and as a marker on field so you know when players need a rest.

Don’t know if this is already built into player body language at stoppage but that would also be a great indicator.

  1. Auto Interchange for me will only work when you can dictate via rules where players can rotate to. Too many time I head to the interchange function and find players in positions they would never be assigned.

This is still the part of the game that frustrates me.

How do other people rotate their players?

Auto sends players to positions I don’t want them and manual is just guess work with who needs a rest.

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Love to see future interchange screen be a drag and drop.

Similar to coaches whiteboard

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This or like in fifa where on screen it gives you options to change position for recommended position. You can set this up yourself pre match for which player you’d like to swap out and then hit a button to confirm in mid game.

Heh Eagles default line-up has Naitanui and Bailey Williams in the team, but I’ve never seen Williams ruck unless I manually do it.

Game always decides Darling is a better option for some reason.

While we are at it, I want the interchange to hold up cards.

Wish there was a hybrid toggle where you can make structural changes whilst also allowing the automatic interchanges.

I like the idea of the midfield rotations being automated but like to be able to move key positions without the need to go to settings every time.

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Can big ant make it so when you have automatic interchanges on it does the subsitution as well

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