Features that makes cricket game hit

1.Game play presentation - mostly like TV representation and play shots fluidly no jerks

2.Ground & environment - conditions and pitch behavior makes game more playable ex; when we play in england more swing conditions, aus & sa there will be pitch bounce and little swing initially, asian more spin and slow pitches. Each location has crowd sounds which will be different feel and atmosphere

3.Dynamic weather: cloudy, overcast conditions, rainy, fog in early innings, rainy these makes game more playable with different weather conditions

4.batting cricket shots in earlier versions of bigant are little clumsy no fluid shot animation, always there is a jerk while playing shots.Just for reference BLC 99 cricket game has fluid shot animations

5.Wearing cap/no helmet while spin bowling is on

6.After wicket different celebrations , sledging animations

7.Leagues like PSL , Indian Leagues and other leagues there should be auction to draft players that makes game more interesting to play for long run

More details i will be adding soon


Couple of things from Cricket 22 that surely should go away

1)That shuffling Slog shots from AI from outside of stump to Midwicket and Square Leg That Needs to go out of the game and better 360 shots can be added

  1. In Career mode We use to play a match Sometimes for Lahore in Pakistan premier plate and then Next day Straight to County or Some other league In other country that needs to be sorted Fatigue feature should be there injuries should be there One Players should be able to play just one League at a time

  2. In Career Mode if we Become captain we should be Able to Select Players by our selves from Domestic Circuit For Any series or Tournament Like the other game back in the Time use to show stats recent form of players so that we can see if he’s good enough to be selected or not that feature is Deal Breaker for me In Career mode along with Rankings

1)More Batting shots and bowling actions(Specially spinners) Like Sachin’s Straight drive, Kohli’s Flick, Better Animation of Helicopter shot, Mitchel Johnson’s Action, Shahid Afridi’s bowling Action, Greame swann’s Bowling action, Harbhajan Singh’s Action or Axar Patel’s bowling action (that would also boost sells in Asia) 2)Yorkers Should Be given Little more respect They should be Difficult To bowl (May be According to Bowler skills) And Should be equally harder To Hit As well (Depending on judgement and power of Batsman) Reverse swing should Also be Given some importance in the Game 3)how About Adding Custom Tournament With Auction/Draft Feature added So we can Create our own Auction/Draft mode ourselves With community downloaded Players/Teams . This would be awesome feature to Help us create Our own Draft/Auction Like PSL and IPL .Any Name can be given To the tournament By Developers to avoid Copyright but The Feature should be added Draft or auction would be great 4)More commentary May Be Danny Morrison or Harsha Bhogle if possible or even from some licensed active players With new lines of commentary can be Good option 5) Different Seam rotation for Off and leg cutters Should be added as well And seam Movement off The Pitch should also be there

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  1. Better shots and animation while Coming Down The Track hitting lofted and grounded shots need better animation specially straight down the Ground .

  2. Draft or Auction Option For All Leagues

  3. Better Bowling Actions Specially for Leg spinners

  4. Better footwork from Batsman while Playing spinners

  5. Better simulation because In Current match Engine If we Simulate The matches Almost everytime Chasing team wins Specially In T20 they don’t even loose more than 2 Wickets most of time while simulation that needs a change For sure depending on Pitch or skills Result should be different Right now chasing team always wins Even when chasing 200+

  6. Batsman Celebration Customization option Should be there when he scores a 50 or hundred and 150 200

  7. Better Seam Rotation for Off Cutters leg cutters And Spinners Right now

  8. Slow balls of 150kph Pacers in cricket 22 Were around 140 that should be changed it should be changed to atleast 20k slower for every bowler when bowling slower ball

  9. Rankings & Stats: There should be Ranking feature available in Cricket 24 Career Mode Every team’s and player ranking should be available That adds extra Spice and fun to Play so we Can take our player and Team to the top
    All Player stats should also show in Career mode

  10. Manager Mode/Coach option should be there in Career mode may be after playing for Certain time like 5-10 years we can choose if we still have to play as players or quit and decide to coach or manage the team that would be great option

10)Better 360 shots Now that You have Mumbai indians With You May be Try And Add those 360 shots from SKY in the game along with Pull shots of Rohit Sharma

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Nice job lets update here some more details that helps to gets best out of cricket game

More Bowling Animations…Like Trent Boult,Henry