Feedback for recently added early access 6

Early access 6 was a good update well done developers.


  • Serving, nearly impossible to ace against ai, increase serving power please so we can serve better and feel we have an advantage
  • Stamina bar in online matches goes down very slowly, Slightly tweak this so we don’t have full stamina for most of the game, also add stamina stat for players
  • Player ratings, sinner needs to be higher and rublev lower, Murray is way to high he needs to be like 82
  • Ai make so many unforced errors on expert difficultly so it is easy to beat Ai every time on expert like 6-0 6-0, reduce Ai errors on expert, and make Ai serve better and faster, Maybe add a new difficulty after expert which requires you to play perfect for most points, so experienced players can have a challenge in career mode and offline matches
  • Please give nishioka a cap as he always plays with one, and give kyrigos a backwards cap, or let us edit headwear for all the players
  • Add forehand and backhand stat for players because each player, men and women, backhands and forehand have the same power so it doens really matter if you use backhand or forehand, please do this, as it will make the game more immersersive, for example Alcaraz’s forehand is better than his backhand so he would have a higher forehand stat
  • Lots of players serving stats should be higher, Zverev, medvedev, kyrigos and shelton serve stat should be higher
  • Me personally i don’t mind the rt and lt triggers mechanism, so changing this is not a must for me
  • i will add more feedback if i have any more

Also for me the modified shots mechanism you added, is an amazing addition, on online and offline it makes the game much more fun and better, really happy with this well done, the animation at the nets are also good (Volleys).

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We need backward caps in creator player aswell lol.Plus more custom clothing and also the custom logo’s are not loading on the tennis bags and stadiums when you start a match.Also the backhand animations on creator player are just playing with the general backhand animation instead of the one you put on the creator player this only happend since the last update.