Feedback new update EA6

thank you for the new update and your work,

a lot of improvements, i’m happy on the whole, except for one specific point, which is the difficulty in expert mode. i’ve captured 2 matches in 1 set and the result speaks for itself, i’ll let you take a look. maybe add a new “legend” difficulty?

and second match

i think the problem, when i watch my videos again, is that we players are rarely overwhelmed.

iA’s strikes need to be even more aggressive and sharp.


Yes the AI should take more risk and hit more winners but the main issue in your videos is that its too easy for the user to hit very difficult angle(nearly impossible IRL) those shots should be way harder to hit and go out more often.

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I think timing to hit angles is ok imo as if both players can do it there’s not an advantage plus if you make more difficult to hit shots it will make the game less appealing for the casualty players.

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so what do you want then? to make the AI more robotic by returning every ball not make any error and shot every ball like prime nadal? Thats exactly why this game NEEDS gameplay sliders, we will never agree. you can cleary see on the video that its too easy to hit impossible angle, casual players will not play on expert difficulty.

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Improvements and suggestions for the early Access 7

-Sometimes the player continues to stand still before hitting, it seems like things are going more fluidly but I honestly don’t see such a big change, it looks very ugly and unrealistic

Please try to solve the fact that the player does not stop after hitting,

-Elimination of the serve zoom which is a bit annoying or having the option to eliminate it.

-More lighting on the slopes.

-Add a power bar on the serve with the option to remove it if it bothers you

-And the crowd looks like they’re watching an aquatic show every time they hit.

-The issue of sliced shots that the ball continues to miss, they have to fix it.

-The ball lacks more speed

-The gameplay lacks inertia, they reposition themselves very quickly after reaching a difficult ball and the sprint is a bit exaggerated in terms of speed, it reminds me a bit of virtua tennis. The idea is that the player finds it difficult to reposition himself after a complicated ball and thus generate a little variety to perform against feet…

-Improve the physics of the net because it lacks life when the ball hits the net

-Insert many configuration settings.

-Unzoom the serve

-Remove the mark from the ball when dribbling

-Add timing to hitting, it was in AO and it was the best

-Remove the meteor trail from the ball

-The ball is still very difficult to see when playing on clay it needs to be brighter and more saturate. I dont want to play with ball trail because it make it feel like playing mario tennis

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No, they have fix that, i like now we can do wining shot BUT the AI must do same thing.

I watched my first video gameplay and look at 1:25 and 2:37

Here Sinner always kill me normaly :sweat_smile:
Its anormal i can return this situation, here Sinner is not agressive, why he lift with no power ? The true Sinner inside the court in the same situation, you don’t see the ball :grin:

So, the Ai juste need more agressive shot and wining shot. But the Defense Ai now the dev fixed that and its good things.

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It 's always difficult to have the right AI : too agressiv, not enough aggressiv? I think sliders of AI agression will help.

All the work is really nice : animations improved, no more teleportation, nice motion capture

But yeah I prefer the AI of the Early Access patch number 5.
Make this level of AI : Legend difficulty👍

Well done folks, the gameplay is solid!


Are there any new players in the latest update?

Yes, maybe adding sliders is a good idea if it’s impossible to find the right balance. Because here, even on the highest difficulty, we win very easily 6-0 and that makes the match very boring, even though the gameplay is great.

There’s not much missing to balance the game properly, just increase the Ai’s aggressiveness on strikes, with winning points when possible.

The Ai sometimes has to use powerful flat strikes, because she often uses a lift that’s not powerful, so we players are never overwhelmed. Thats why we win easy 6-0.

Thanks developper for reading :pray:


Early access 6 feels better but they still haven’t fixed the aces bug. I leave you here a video where I show it: See my youtube channel Max GamePlay Sports and watch the last video (i don´t now how post a video link here)

Suggestions to improve:

  • texture and color of clay court, looks really bad
  • daytime lighting, could improve, soften distant shadows such as those projected by stands or stadium roofs
  • add line judges
  • the gameplay in general is too fast
  • The physics of the ball should improve, in many shots it seems to float
  • The animations still need to be improved, I don’t know if it is due to the trigger system but you still see races where the player turns around with his back to the ball, it is really unpleasant when it happens and it happens too much
  • add slides for clay court matches
    -option to disable zoom in the service
    -more play is needed at the net, volleys, smashes
    -improve physics in general, inertia, although they have improved compared to early access 5, they still need to improve a lot.
    -improve drop shots

They are on the right track, improving with each update, congratulations and keep going!


@JNT_BA I would say that the big problem with the iA is that it never uses the flat stroke, it lacks enough power to outflank us, so we can easily apply our power to outflank them.

ia really needs to be much more aggressive.

you don’t need to change their speed in defense, now that’s perfect.

they just need to be aggressive in their strikes and that will balance the game.


Hi Prince Noctis,

we played a few matches together today and you won them all lol…But Why is the game very slow online? this is impossible for me to play correctly…
And my opponent (you) do lot’s of aces…
I don’t have this problem OFFLINE !

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Hi, thanks for the matchs ^^

For my part, it was very smooth and very stable. I serve a lot in variation. I’ve noticed that I’m doing a lot of aces against all my opponents. I played against Fifa-man here and it was the same thing.

I didn’t realise I was good enough for online ^^

Do you have a good internet connection?

Against iA I did 0 Ace lol but online I did quite well.

So in the end the service system is very good, it’s the iA that’s the problem for single-player. I never ace against iA and she never ace against me.

You are good yes :slight_smile: so you this is like in Offline ? fast ?
My internet connection is in Wifi…4G+. Not wired lmao ^^’ 100 Mbps and Ping 40 ms

You are good yes :slight_smile: so you this is like in Offline ? fast ?

My internet connection is in Wifi…4G+. Not wired lmao ^^’ 100 Mbps and Ping 40 ms…i know that is nice for live gaming, but…

I think i’m to in late on the ball, fu** internet wifi !

Do you have the same thing against other players about Aces or just against me ?

Maybe I serve really well :sweat_smile:

Yes, I met 3 opponents and they gave me aces.
That said, at one point in the match, I paused the game to make camera settings in the menu, and you…gave me aces because I wasn’t playing ^^’

I’ve always brought good energy to the new updates. On this one I have to say that I am dissapointed.

I can say a lot of things about this new update but I want to focus in only one thing because this is ruin the game: ENHANCE THE RALLIES, Take away the lunge shots. I dont want different types of lunges I just want that my player hit a forehand or backhand when it’s appropiate. Right now the lunges are happening all the time.


I have to disagree here. Depending on how fast you get to the ball AND your positioning to the ball you can have clean rallies without lunge shots. If you are too late or your positioning is wrong then the player chooses to execute a rescue shot. I think the difficulty really comes with the players position to the ball, like in real tennis. There you are also not able to execute a clean forehand/backhand if you are too far from it. I regulary have good rallies but sometimes it happens that I make 1 step too much and then the player only makes a lunge shot. Maybe this can be optimized and happens slightly too often, but I don’t have the impression that it is a big problem with EA6. Maybe others can also share their experience.

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I should Say that I’ve playing more online than offline but in both cases it’s happening a Lot more than in the previous update. I need more fh and BH in movement that brings fluenty to the rallies (take advantage of the wonderful animations this Game already have) and less lunge floppy shots than ruin the realism.
The most of the times the rallies consists in running From side to side returning with lunge shots.
I Will show You some videos to clarify My point but I can tell You that each time I hit a lunge shot (or even My rival) my annoyment level raises to the sky and makes me want to close the game. (I’m using both triggers to run and i’m reaching the ball in a decent timing for the strokes, just in case you believe is because of the way I play).

In the other hand, this new types of shots, the ones with the RB button, i just don’t get them; The high top spin is OP and it doesnt have any consquence. Why would I bother in using a normal top spin shot if I can hit a really high (and unrealistic) top spin shot .
The flat shots don’t have enough weight to make them feel powerful.

I’ll wait until next EA hoping to regain my interest such as I had in the previous update. For me this time feels like a step behind

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