Feedback on EA 5

First of all thank you for your work and taking on account our feedback. This is the first update which I really enjoy.

Now I would like to share my opinion about last update (just gameplay):


  • removed adrenaline shots
  • game is finally a challenge to play = better setting of difficulties
  • even more fluid strokes and movement
  • volleys are better even though need to be stronger to be able to play final balls
  • in the rallies is possible to use some tactics
  • tracking ball for smash
  • smash now looks really good and is effective
  • right positioning is reawarding and makes sense
  • more faults from defensive stroke and playing risky angles
  • overall, is harder to play perfect stokes in terms of placement and power
  • AI is better at the net and could sometimes deal with drop shots and lobs, but there is still much room for improvments
  • AI has much better range of movement, but…


  • players are too fast - it causes too long rallies, especially on Expert level
  • defensive shot is overused and very high. it causes too long rallies and is not realistic at all. instead of that I would like to see running shots. Also I would recommand to make defensive shot much more risky.
  • serve is obviously the biggest problem now as it’s still not risky at all, is not effective unlike of real tennis and there doesn’t exist feeling that 1st serve matters
  • is hard to hit an ace even with big servers
  • AI has still 1st serve successfull rate 95% and higher and doesn’t make double faults
  • return is still little bit overpowered and errors from it almost don’t exist
  • AI still plays underarm serve too often which is nonsense. Every time I punish
    that. Please remove it or set up that only for specific players and rare situations
  • slice should be faster and more effective. Now it’s too slow which is okey in some kind of situation as defending but is impossible to play an attacking slice to prepare net approach and so on
  • also volleys should be little bit faster since players are very fast after this update and I usually couldn’t hit a winner from volley
  • AI makes errors usually from very easy balls near by net or at the net, drop shots and high balls. this is another BIG WEAKNESS of the game and really needs to be fixed cause it often seems ridiculous and it breaks good game experience
    *AI tries to play drop shot too often and makes many errors from it. I would like to see more aggressive shots instead of that in the situations where an aggressive winner is more logical solution

You Devs go in the right direction and I believe that that your game will be pretty good.

I’m looking forward to EA 6.


This is a pinpoint feedback the AI makes more fouls on the baseline now which is great but he makes too many as hes closer to the net.

also the sliding forehand where the player looks like hes breakdancing needs to be redone the animation is inacurrate, it happens too often and makes the player reach balls that they shouldnt reach


How do you smash? What are the controls? I try to do some sort of “timing” but my character always positions for a regular groundstroke…

Try to get right below the ball as soon as possible and as you start tracking ball, at the same time push and hold button (flat stroke). This will trigger smash preparation. Also follow ball trail indicator. It seems very useful to me in the case of playing smash. Is true that sometimes player rather plays shot in the air instead of smash but most of the time I’m successful.

Please improve also stamina system. Is good that the fatigue of players influences the game but problem is that there is no possibility to regenerate. In the current state stamina is still lower and lower as match is going, and especially in third set and with players with lower stamina stat is completely depleted.

I would recommand to add possibility to regain stamina during side changes and bigger regain during pause after set. In Full Ace tennis when you play very short rallies then stamina raises up little bit too.

Would be great if you will take it on account and improve this for the next update.


Regarding serve please add positioning of AI on return. Because without it it’s too easy hit an ace by slice serve when I stay all the way right (or left if player is left handed). Please take an example from Full Ace tennis.

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