Feedback on EA3

Hi Devs, here is my feedback on Early Access 3:


  • better movement
  • more realistic and shorter rallies
  • footprints on clay court
  • More realistic unforced errors from AI

? New serve mechanics is quite weird. Though is finally possible to hit an ace, serve still needs a lot of improvments. Also AI has still successfull rate around 95% which is too unrealistic. I know that this week should be released some update, so hopefully it’s getting better.


  • Drop shot is still overpowered.
  • AI stíll plays underarm serve too often.
  • Serve isn’t a big advantage like in real tennis.
  • Return is too overpowered and impossible to make an error from it (from me and AI either).
  • AI is really bad at the net. Makes crazy/horrible errors there.
  • Smash is completely missing, since AI doesn’t play it at all.
  • AI still couldn’t deal with drop shots.

I have also found two mistakes.

  1. When I choose outfit, this choice isn’t reflected in the match.
  2. Aces are count by 2. For example When I would hit 3 aces, then game counts it as 6 aces.

Overall,the game is better, but seems to me that it is going to take a long time to get to the “release” state.

Update of my Feedback:

  • please, make rallies little bit slower since players often couldn’t reach a ball and therefore there are too much winners
  • improve range of movement for AI cause it just gives up playing ball too early
  • set up hitting strokes as more risky (higher possibility to hit an out or net), especially regarding hitting perfect angles, return or when the player is under pressure (some setting for strokes/serve sensitivity would be pretty usefull)
  • I don’t know how to play a smash. AI doesn’t play it at all and for me is impossible to recognize ball trajectory of lob and I’m not able to hit even one smash.
  • AI sometimes couldn’t deal with a lob either
  • AI often plays insde out backhand unlike of real tennis where this is not used in the match.

Devs, please, be focused mainly on gameplay. This is the most important part of tennis game.

Thanks for your work and I’m looking forward to the next update!

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