Feedback on Early Access 2 after 12 hours of playing on expert level

(This is updated Steam Discussion as I’m not sure If you read it there. If you did, then sorry for duplication.)

Dear developers,

as former tennis player, trainer and a big fan of tennis games I would like to give you a larger feedback on Early Access 2 after 12 hours of playing on Expert level. I hope that’s going to help you set up your game for the best tennis experience.

Playing is much better than at the beginning and you are going in the right direction, however I have a few things that would be nice to improve to make the game more realistic and matches more captivating:

  1. The sensitivity of risky shots (power of shots and risky angles) should be much higher. In the current state almost every power and accurate shot hits impossible angles or touches lines and it’s too easy to do it.

  2. Defensive shots (lunge/reflex shots) shouldn’t be 100% save. There must be possibility to make an error when you are under pressure and play these types of shot.

  3. AI defends like a superman. It’s quite boring that AI are often under pressure but it’s able to play almost everything. Therefore there are sometimes too long and repetitive rallies.

  4. Serve should be much more difficult and risky to play. As it is, the 1st serve success rate (mine and AI either) in every match is around 95% and above, which is too unrealistic considering that in real tennis it is around 60-70% and sometimes it drops even to 50%.

  5. AI returns serve too easily and perfectly with almost 100% succes rate. Also there is no chance to hit ace. Actually I couldn’t do that even once.

  6. I would appreciate to see some stamina system and hawk eye added, but I believe you plan add these features in the upcoming updates.

  7. The physics of drop shot is strange. If you pllay it successfully, the ball’s bounce is too low. It would be great if there was a better chance to run the ball. In the current state, the drop shot seems to me little bit overpowered.

  8. The AI uses the underarm serve too often, which also doesn’t match real tennis, where it’s basically not played at all.

  9. Volleys are much better, but are still kind of clunky. In several situations I made an unforced errors where I can’t completely understand why that happened (usually very easy high played volleys).

  10. In general there are still too many errors at the net or during playing low balls near by net.

  11. Players shouldn’t slide so much on hard surfaces.

  12. AI couldn’t deal with drop shots at all. Even on Expert level. I tested it and result of my small research is that from 10 drop shots AI returned barely one. That totally breaks the game.

Thanks a lot for taking into account advices from players. Your game has big potential and could be pretty good.

I’m looking forward to the next updates!


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I have not played the game but watched a lot of the gameplays. I think you have put it very nicely. A couple of pointers I would like to add to that list would be to differentiate between forced and unforced errors. The second serve should have a more safe and conervative approach simulating the real world.

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