Fielding overhaul definitely needed

I am sure everyone is going to agree to this and by this i mean “fielding” in cricket 22 its just fair and not great the balls go over fielders head as if they don’t want to attempt to catch ,
2 : the keeper reaction to hitting the stumps to ask for a runout takes ages so this animation needs to be quick to match real time keeping runout attempts,
3 : thirdly sometimes fielders just dive on the ball that has almost zero speed to it which is weird,
4: sometimes wrong fielders are chosen to chase the ball which i believe the script has a big role to decide who goes to chase the ball,
5 : overthrows are almost impossible to stop in the deep as fielders forget to keep track of the ropes entirely
6 : this slow motion fielding system is a total mess with the combination of slow animation to runout on both ends is annoying.
7 : after the batsmen hitting the ball , the ball gets a trace which tracks the speed of the ball gets inaccurate
8: fielders chasing the ball when goes closer to the ropes they don’t trigger the dive and pull back animation.
9: when the ball hits any stump on any end of the wicket(pitch) disables running you need to run prior to the ball being hit only but AI can run plus after the stump gets out and you ran prior to the ball being hit the stump pull animation that is the actual rule to get a runout after the bails are down is not present in the game for almost a decade now which happens rare in cricket i get it but should have been there in any game prior.
10: wicket keepers just cant catch balls that are left to them or a little but on the higher side i mean the animation is there but when the ball passes them again which seems annoying at times specially when you want to play test matches this only happens in cricket 22 and not frequently in cricket 19.

These mentioned fixes are a must have as an overhaul package to fielding in cricket 24.

I have aprox 296 hours of playtime cricket 22.