Front Foot vs Back Foot

Question for the devs or the community. I’m wondering how the footwork actually works on cricket 24.

For example, does the stick work 360 degrees or am I simply required to move up for front foot and down for back foot?

Is there any value in aiming the foot towards the line of the ball or does that get done for you once you select front or back foot?

Have been playing these games for years but never really found anything on this…

It definately helps pointing toward the pitch of the ball when playing forward, just like real life :wink: on backfoot shot I tend to pull back and towards where I want my back foot to land, so for a right handed cut shot I pull back and to the right etc, or for a nice pull shot back and to the right as well to get inside the line for a pull shot. in my mind it works great, whether this is reality or not I cant tell as I have always played my shots emulating real cricket shots as I was a batter IRL :wink:

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Great response and 100% the same as me. I always play my shots like real life, whether it does anything is up in the air I suppose. Would be awesome to know for sure.