Fun with player ratings!

I know there isn’t much to talk about. So thought we’d just have a bit of fun. How about a top 30 player list in the game? Similar to how Fifa does a best 100 rated players countdown, with the best two or three players generally being around 93/94. Could split into forwards/backs or even by specific position. If you’ve got a decent amount of time to waste, even write down a rating. Bare in mind form and just general ability. For example, we know that while Maro Itoje has not had the most impactful form lately, he still a phenomenal player and deserves to be rated highly. While players like Canan Moodie and Joe McCarthy, who are both on paths to rugby stardom, need room to grow but with ratings that are in line with their abilites. (eg. 84, 85 etc.) And remember, it’s JUST FUN.

Dupont 93
Etzebeth 93
Savea 93
Russell 92
Du Toit 92
Alldritt 91
Malherbe 91
Botia 90
Marx 90


Hi, it’s a really good idea.

I’ve played at rugby game since many years (especially Rugby Challenge Serie) but I always been surprise by players ratings and how developers could be so short-sighted.

So it’s always been my practice to use ratings from each team to get a consistent headcount.

I’ve already anticipated the release of Rugby 24 from that point of view. I’m sending you one of the lists I’ve been able to compile based on the last World Cup (taking into account retirements and temporary stoppages).

I agree with you about the scoring. Potential is one factor among others, but we can’t rely solely on that and on current form. However, I’d start a little lower than you on the subject of grades, given that rugby is more of a team sport than football and that it’s less obvious to shine individually.

To play along, here’s my list of the 30 best players for Rugby 24.

1 - A. Dupont (91)
2 - A. Savea (90)
3 - E. Etzebeth (89)
4 - PS. Du Toit (88)
5 - R. Mo’unga (88)
6 - F. Russell (88)
7 - W. Jordan (88)
8 - G. Alldritt (88)
9 - B. Aki (88)
10 - J. Van der Flier (88)
11 - C. Doris (87)
12 - D. Penaud (87)
13 - C. Kolbe (87)
14 - T. Beirne (87)
15 - S. Barrett (87)
16 - M. Marx (87)
17 - J. Barrett (87)
18 - D. Van der Merwe (86)
19 - D. Sheehan (86)
20 - G. Ringrose (86)
21 - J. Tuisova (86)
22 - B. Barrett (86)
23 - J. Lowe (86)
24 - M. Itoje (86)
25 - H. Keenan (86)
26 - S. Kolisi (86)
27 - B. Earl (86)
28 - C. Ollivon (86)
29 - D. De Allende (86)
30 - J. Ryan (86)

Once again, there’s plenty of time for this to evolve before the game is released.

So get to work on your lists !

Lets just hope we can amend the player stats to our own liking!

Just playing spot the Aussie…

Yes I know, I think there are great players in Australia for sure. But we can observed these last seasons that it’s quite difficult for them now (especially for the RWC).

However, some players could be pretend to enter in this list as M. Hooper, R. Valetini, M. Koroibete or S. Kerevi (but their form don’t play for them). Which one could enter in it for you ? I’m interesting to know your mind.

Surely Botia should be up there.