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Hello good guys, I would like to know if this game is going to be better than the previous installments in terms of gameplay and realism, I would also like to ask if the ATP and WTA have only provided licenses or have also helped you in the development of the game


Hi Ferri, lets see if they reply. Anyway, it is a good thing they have launched this platform. In my opinion, ATP and WTA just provided licenses, I dont think they have time or the knowledge for that haha. Presumably, we are going just get ATP/WTA tournaments. As far as I know, GS are negociated one by one and they do not belong to ATP. They are private institutions.

Hello guys!
it’s sad once again not to communicate about the game. but we know it now, it’s like the others tennis games.
on the other hand I am happy to find the same people on the different social networks. we find the same fans. too bad not to take advantage of this in the development of the game in order to improve it and to test it at different steps!
TheFerry, I think like David. They don’t show any informations here before Tweeter or YouTube.
For GS tournament I agree too, they are not in the ATP licenses so maybe RG and AO like TwT2 but for the others, I am not sure.

Hope they focus on the gameplay. I believe they’ve done a solid job in career mode with all the things that your player seems to go through.
They gotta fix all the bugs during the matches and improve all kind of movements like in Top Spin 4. Letting the community create players and arenas that were not included in the game (so as being able to download people’s creations) was the right compensation. I don’t actually care that much about having all the tournaments licenses and stuff as long as they give us an incredible gameplay and create similar arenas/ tournaments.

Nacon AND BigAnt created 4 tennis games before.
So for me I don’t want compromise.
With ATP/WTA licenses, we must have all the tournament AND a great gameplay.
It’s not a problem to have a team on stadiums/outfits… and one on the gameplay. For me it’s not the same guys
They have all our requests from AO Tennis and TWT, so they can make a good game.
But with all this experience and this official license, if they make a bad game, it will be very sad :cry:

Hey guys, when I said that if the ATP and the WTA have helped in the development of the game, I mean simply that the ATP and the WTA can test the game to see if it is realistic, if it has good gameplay, graphics… etc

For me it is the best to test it and to check if the name ATP is used wisely (I don’t know if it’s the good expression)
But in this world, all works with money and I think they just take the money of Nacon :joy:

Hi guys, nice to hear from you again. I truly believe ATP/WTA do not want to have a disappointing tennis game under its “brand” so they should test it before and be satisfied with the result. Otherwise it would be embarrassing for them.

Well, I think we can all agree they probably won’t make it worse than AO2. As much as I’d like it to be TS4 with better graphics, I think they won’t give us that much. I did see they liked a tweet from a random guy (in Spanish) who was hoping to get a Top Spin 4 alike game, so that pretty much confirms their awareness on this.

I would be very happy if it is close to Tennis Elbow 4.

There is a lot of room for improvement since AO Tennis 2.

Drop shots need to fixed - the opposing player never slides & movement is unrealistic, including the shot they play to return the drop shot. That being said, there’s no sliding whatsoever in the game so that definitely needs to be included.

Licensing - it has been announced that over 100 ATP/WTA tournaments will be licensed. I’m hoping that means atleast ALL of the ATP 250/500/1000 & ATP 1500 Finals at Turin are fully licensed & stadiums are exact. It is understandable if licensing for Roland Garros, Wimbledon & US Open are limited due to financial reasons but it would be nice if they were all included too.

Variation of shots - AO Tennis 2 is very repetitive. All forehands, backhands, lobs & dropshots look the same. The game needs to contain a variety of shots, so every forehand, backhand, lob & dropshot looks different.

Playstyles - I dont know why this wasnt included in the previous games, but adding playing styles to players such as all court player, counter puncher & aggressive baseliner must be included!

Space for logos - one main issue is the game limiting the amount of players/logos in the academy. please maximise this as having a large library of former & current players is one of the best features for tennis fanatics.

Injuries/Stamina - include fatigue of players & the ability for players to get injured during matches.

Traits - perhaps adding traits to players such as “drop shot specialist”, “serving specialist” etc would be a good addition.

Replicate Djokovic’s groundstroke & serving styles under “smooth”.


They also need to make the game harder and the AI more clever. It is very easy to win matches even on the highest difficulty.

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Weather - include rain/overcast/dynamic modes. show the tarp being put on by the ball boys/girls & the surface responding differently once its been rained on.

Challenges on clay - some tournaments don’t have the hawk eye system such as Rome Masters 1000. when a player challenges, i would like to see the umpire come down from the chair & inspect the ball mark with the player. this would be nice but not a absolute necessary for the game.

Logo creation - make it easier & user friendly to create real life player uniforms. way too difficult to use in AO2.

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Second Serve - AO Tennis 2 has first & second speed the same. There should be a noticeable difference in speed compared to first serve. Should be much slower.

Stadiums/Venues - I understand there will be over 100 licensed stadium on the game. That’s terrific, i would just like to suggest that the ability to use french stadium annoucers/umpires in venue creation. AO Tennis 2 did not have an option to choose language of the stadium annoucer/umpire so this would be nice & realistic.

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At start there must be commentator touching pitch and telling about wicket/pitch report.