Gamescom 2023 starts today at 7pm GMT

Hi mad dragon i follow your Channel mate lol

They Say at Gamescom to the insider : " they show nothing because they have nothing to show "

I am confused.
Did you speak to Nacon at Gamescom?

Awesome mate. Whereabouts have you heard that? I cant find anything online in videos or articles specifically covering rugby 24, did you talk to Nacon in person at gamescon, because if so that’s extremely interesting.
Or if there’s something online to confirm that? we would all love to know where to find that quote.


We have a french rugby game forum since first rugby challenge
One mate goes to Gamescom each year
And yes he speak today with a guy from Nacon today

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Ahalalala what an amazing game.
I can not believe it. Looks like a real rugby match. FIFA career mode. All clubs in Europe and NZ and Super 12. This is exactly what I would have liked to write but unfortunately not from Rugby24.

I could quickly see a slide with an image but it looked R22. It said "the game will be released 1 week before the start of the World Cup.

I spoke with a guy from Nacon. What we expected will happen, the game will be postponed. For how long, he couldn’t tell me anything but he didn’t want to reveal much. He confirmed that within 14 days there would be a report done, that’s for sure. So.
As annoyed as all of you and quite disappointed. I would have liked to have had better news.

Very sad that the guy still said “we show nothing because we have nothing to show at the moment”

I translate his post for you guy

He was very hype like us ( on the french forum) for a new rugby game

I don’t understand the marketing of Bigant seriously

If they can’t release for WC ok but no communication

And miss the RWC for this game…it’s not the way to democratize rugby game.

With RLL producer and rugby 22 base …i really hope a very good game
But i guess it’s a Dream


That’s wild, well thanks for taking the time to translate it over. I guess we all now just sit back and wait for Rugby 24 to confirm the delay and hopefully find out what a potential new release date is.


Surely that’s gotta be fake. I mean I hope it is for us rugby fans that would be extremely disappointing and from what rygbi and the rugby gruru said about the game that doesn’t make sense to me. Like they’ve been hinting it’s the best rugby game yet and everything


If it’s the best rugby game in years why haven’t they marketed it?

I really hope I am proved wrong, because I really have faith that this can be a great game. Especially with Big Ants known features like the academy and customisation.

But currently the lack of communication is worrying…

I know that’s what I think too as why we haven’t had any news if it was going to be so great. That’s what rygbi and the rugby gruru have been saying who are working on the game. Us fans are having doubts now tho

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At what time and day is Nacon presentation?

Who’s rygbi and rugby guru

I’d still say to take this with a pinch of salt. For starters they mention the slide looks like Rugby 22. Well this game is being developed by a completely different team. I’m 100% confident the developers on Rugby 22 (Eko software) would not just hand over their whole engine after effectively being removed from the series.

I don’t blame Big Ant in anyway, there has been several comments made that suggests they have information to share but it is in Nacons hands to release. It sounds like more of a Nacon issue than Big Ant. Supposedly this game has been in development for many many years so I’d struggle to believe they have ‘nothing to show’ or the game is massively away from being complete.

I still think we are likely to see a delayed release but I’m still hopeful that it will merely be a few weeks rather than many months.

Just me guessing but I certainly hope I’m right :joy:


Hey guys I am Romain the guy who went to pay a visit to Nacon’s booth. I spoke to Arnaud on Jeuxvideo ( google translation didnt go well mate :slight_smile: but luckily I speak english

I visited Nacon on their booth with the sole goal to get some info about Rugby 24. Bit nervous tbh. I was expecting a playable match but sadly no rugby and no Rugby 24 logo anywhere. I could speak to one person ( not sure of his role ) and he shared with me what arnaud wrote above. Nacon said " nothing to show as nothing is showable ". I saw one guy sitting with 2 other people ( I would expect people from a media ( 23/07 was only for trade visitors ) and he showed some upcoming games this year. There was the Tennis game, etc… and 1 slide for Rugby 24. There was one weird information as on their slide it was written that game will be released 1 week before the WC.

I regret not having asked anything else. Here we are.


Thank you for this! Appreciate there is a separate forum, but was anything said about Tiebreak Tennis?

No, nothing but a slide. I didn’t ask anything or investigated myself about the tennis game.

is it still possible to ask about Tie Break? maybe not you if you left already but someone you know who is also attending Gamescom. It would be very appreciated for all tennis fans. Thanks!

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Hello Romain, i really want any informations about Tiebreak me too if you have. :wink:

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So you saying the i formation said that the rugby game will be released a week before the WC? Or am i miss reading

I saw on 1 slide that R23 will be released 1 week before the WC but I got tht guy who told me game will be delayed

When is Nacon’s presentation, if any ?