Glitches in Rugby 22 to fix for Rugby 24?

Just some suggestions for Rugby 24 as I have played a lot of Rugby 22 and found a few odd glitches:

  • Lineouts not caught can sometimes be thrown across the length of the pitch as if the ho0ker has been doing arm day at the gym for the past 300 years
  • If kicking for goal, you can kick it into touch and wherever the ball lands (not where it crosses the line into touch) and you get the throw in for the lineout from that position. As much as I love it, it means that you can go from your own 5m line to having a throw in at the opponents 5m line in 1 kick, whereas you couldn’t get half that length on the intended penalty kick. Very fun however very broken
  • If playing on a system with a 10 as receiver behind a pod of 3 forwards (e.g. 2-4-2 type B), pressing LB+RB (xbox controls) without a player in the pocket passes the ball straight to the nearest back. As this is the 10, it means that a resulting punt cannot be charged down, thus quite broken
  • Tap and go is very broken if on the wing as the defence sets up so there is no-one in front if you, and you can walk over for an easy try. In all other field positions there is no point as you do not get the benefits of the 10m with a disorganised defence
  • Kerr-Barlow and Nic White are the smallest scrumhalves. When released other players got redesigns, however these 2 are still plump after eating the grandparents’ Christmas turkey
  • Sometimes quick throw ins instead of lineouts grant the opponents a throw in - perhaps something to do with the player’s foot touching the line?
    • Side note - it would be good for a hard quicktime event where you could in few
      situations catch the ball and throw it back into play to prevent a lineout from a
  • The betting system was very fun to start with however it is very broken as you can just put 10 tries and set the difficulty to amateur to make 60k
  • Creating a team too strong (90+ rating) breaks the scouting system. Either you can only buy Antoine Dupont (not complaining too much as I can now make 2 full teams of just AD) or there are just empty spaces or a 57 rated player caller ‘Burger’
  • Some licensed players are unobtainable e.g. Beauden Barrett
  • Packs are horribly expensive
  • Needs difficulty harder than legendary - can still beat All Blacks with Aurillac
  • I’d like to have a setting where you can turn off skill moves. They are completely broken as there is a 1-2 second time frame of untacklableness (it’s a word now). Legendary mode also abuses this without being good at any other clever aspects of the game e.g. kicking.

Sorry for this essay, apart from these glitches Rugby 22 is incredibly fun and I love the game. Hopefully these can be patched and if I can remember/find any more then I will add it on in the comments on this thread. Thanks if you have read this far, have a great day :slight_smile:

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  • Players like Tuisova who are a N8/W/C only work in the backs, their points are decreased by 50 when put into N8 even though it is a named position