Guernsey Creator suggestions

Here’s a few suggestions to make the Guernsey Creator easier to use.

  • More precise logo placement. The ability to use the D-Pad or something similar to make small adjustments to the position and size of a logo would be a game changer for us perfectionists. Or perhaps the ability to change the cursor speed.

  • More freedom over camera angle / zoom. The current zoom in button is helpful, but it would be even better if we could manually adjust the camera angle / position to get the best possible view of our guernseys while we’re making them.

  • Set cuffs & collar colours independently of each other. The fact that the collar and cuffs have to be the same colour is a very unnecessary restriction.

  • AFL logos on jumper numbers. Please.

  • Temporarily exceed the logo limit. I’ll explain this as best I can. As it currently stands, if you select one of your logos and then add a new one on top of it, it will place the new logo in the same position and size, which is very useful if you want to add a new logo in place of an old one without having to redo the size & positioning.
    But this isn’t possible if all of your logo slots are already taken.
    A workaround would be to add the ability to go over the logo limit temporarily, and be forced to delete a logo to get back under the limit before exiting the guernsey creator.
    This might not be the most elegant solution, but it would make my life so much easier.
    Another possible solution would be the ability to copy & paste coordinates from one logo to another.

  • Unable to place logos on outside or back of socks. At current there are a few areas on the socks that are inaccessible for logos. If I try moving a logo to the outer sides or back they will get cut off and disappear.

  • Mirror logos on both socks. A button to replicate the exact position and size of a logo from one sock to the other would be helpful.

  • More sock logo slots. 2 isn’t enough. Most AFL teams have 4 logos on their socks; an AFL logo and their apparel sponsor on each sock.

  • Set sleeve colour separately & add striped sleeves. Pretty straight forward. At current sleeve colours are the same as the main guernsey colour, and can only be one solid colour. We need more options!

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Some rather good points. Some are my pet peeves (positioning and zoom)
I also wish we could lift the arms.

I’d love to be able to move the numbers around a bit too. Put some on the front and move them down at the back.