How hard is it to post a gameplay video?

Is the game really in such a bad shape that Big Ant Studio’s is not even able to post a teaser video of gameplay to keep our tongues wet??

We have waited so long, with delay after delay, therefore I don’t think its asking too much for a video of real gameplay so we can understand why we have been waiting so long. Hey it might even help with promoting the game!


By definition, they are probably teasing you more by not giving you a video.

Videos are hard to make. I mean I don’t claim to make ones that are any good.

If you can’t understand why you are waiting then maybe waiting for Game Releases isn’t for you.

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Thanks for your honesty. We appreciate when you communicate with the fan base. Will you be changing the name to Rugby 25 since the game’s constantly being delayed?

How is the grip sock stuff going?

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Do European Rugby players change their faces once a year?
you learn something new every day


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I would have thought they’d change more through combat damage than aging.

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You mean Tonight? Surely?

Burning the Midnight Oil is what I like to see…

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That’s my question!!! We need the confirmation :rofl:

Now that world rugby has made some more law changes I wonder if we should expect delays as big ant will have to re write the code to change the gameplay.

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Are they finally cracking down on grip socks? That would take an immense effort to recode :wink:

I don’t know a rugby game that hasn’t suffered from law changes to be honest. No way in avoiding that.

At this point who cares anymore ha ha. They have said there is no date so they can take as long as they like (Which they have also said they will until the game is ready) so there are no more delays possible.

Even about Early Access … they said “hope to have” it by May. There is no more pressure here. Only anticipation :sweat_smile:

Which is the best move I think.

After a little more thought they probably didn’t have any of the removed laws in the game to begin with :sweat_smile:

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Edit: I laugh, but possibly idk :sweat_smile:

I guess no one can tell until early access arrives.