How to create a custom worldcup schedule?

Hi Team,

Can someone please help me out with creating a custom T20 World cup schedule with multiple groups?

Also, it’d be better if we could have 20 teams for a tournament. Right now the game allows 16 at max.

As far as currently, I don’t think you can create mulitple groups in a custom competition.

Thanks. That’s what I thought. I just assumed since they have created a worldcup with multiple groups. It will be possible to do that in a custom competition too.

Sure thing! If you’re limited to 16 teams in your game, try creating two separate 10-team tournaments and then merge the results for a 20-team T20 World Cup. Organize the teams into smaller groups for round-robin play, and track the progress externally, like in a spreadsheet, if the game doesn’t support this directly. Keep an eye out for updates or mods that might let you include more teams in the future.

That’s a great suggestion. Thanks. I’ll try it out.