I am just looking forward the next update

Now, since we are experimenting real progress with each update, I am starting to think that the game can be very special. We all are aware of the disappointment of TS2025 so I really think you have the chance to be in the top 1 of tennis games.

When can we expect next update? Will Grand Slams be licensed? That would be crucial to have the best game ever.

I dont mention the gameplay improvements cause I know you are working hard on it.

Seems @RossSymons has taken vacations from twitter this week haha

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Busy back in the office after a long time on the road.


I understand, get the good work going!

I rather have A LOT of official players than licensed Grand slams since the community can re-create them. As long as we can import them into career mode its fine. Being able to edit the official players is more crucial imo

I dont think is the same to have GS licensed as having them recreated. They differ a lot from real life and from the tennis simulation experience we are looking for.

Can you tell us if we would have to recreate grand slams in the academy cause they are not in the game?