I think this game should add a training mode

I hope it’s too late to give feedback, only got this game a week ago. One thing I would like to see is a training mode in the full release, different from the tutorial where you are free to hit balls to a target as many times as you want to improve a specific skill

Also, I might as well put other feedback here, good and bad based on my experience.

Good: Animations and character models are mostly smooth, I am having fun with the large roster already. Court lighting is nice as well, the graphics in general is nice. The celebrate or express displeasure option was a fun surprise too. Overall I’m having fun

Bad: The tutorial was a bit hard for me at the start. Maybe because I haven’t played much tennis games apart from tennis in GTA5 lol, but as a newbie I think you should make the tutorials easier and give better tips if you miss a lot of shots in the tutorial. Another thing I would like to see improved is the ball visibility in replays. When I’m watching replays of the previous rally I can hardly see the ball. Photo mode could be improved too, give filters and frame options for screenshots. Also, Ik this might not be a big deal but give more voices to the umpire. Its the same umpire umpiring all my matches rn


Never too late for feedback! Interesting about the tutorials. There will be some balancing as there are some improvements to be made to a few of them with the EA5 release. I’ll pass this on to the designer to see what other changes/additions we can make to them in the future.


Definitely be cool if we can get a practice court with ball machine or practice against a player/coach.

Yes, i hope they will dot that. Especially if we can get this in career with our player. It will be so immersive

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