Ideas and Suggestions to the game that can help in improvement

Suggestions / Ideas towards the Game

  1. Please update the Scoreboard HUD to latest HUD to make a different experience to play.
  2. Please change or update the toss cutscene add referee and a commentor while toss.
  3. Add cutscene of after match handshake of players and add mom cutscene in all mode of play
  4. change overall fielding and A.I sliders to make realism in game.
  5. Give Ability to edit Player Editor for License Teams, Players and Stadiums.
  6. Add first Name of License Players in the game Like Rohit Hardik Rahul Virat Yuzi and others also.
  7. Add latest bats of 2023 of NB DSC etc to the game.
  8. Add Weather Cyle and Rain Interrupt to make more realistic to the game
    thank you love playing your games hope you see and add some of my suggestions to the game.

Great suggestions.

In addition a few from my end , majority of them I think could be quick fixes.

  1. Fix 6 distance measure calculation.
  2. Reduce splash screen duration and frequency.
  3. Add commentary to acknowledge milestones (50,100, 5 wickets, hat-trick etc.)
  4. Add quick menu option to swap between helmet and cap
  5. Option to add Competition logo which will display on the top left hand side (similar to licensed competitions)
  6. Bring back Test the Best (online challenges), Big XI and Scenario Mode
  7. Fix advanced grounded shots

100% need rain, losing overs adds a different dynamic to the game and let’s face it, it’s pretty real! This game is missing so much, it’s laughable

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Last night I was playing cricket 24 and I was constantly facing fps drops some time it was 60 some time it’s drops to 30 field view was not smooth enough cut scenes are not smooth plz fix this issues