Idea's For Tiebreak

Create A Player
Possible to have more custom clothing and maybe more vintage tennis designs.
Chin slider
More vintage hairstyles inspired by past players.
More various grunts
Ability to mix up forehand and backhand stroke animations
Stroke animations inspired by past players.
Doublehanded forehand stroke aniamtion never been done in a game before?
Increase size of svg file or possible to have png file aswell?
Ability to have logos on trainer’s and wristbands.
Have an option with no eyebrows so we can see the eyebrows on our own uploaded face textures.
Colour wheel picker for our own skin tones.
Currently you can’t change the colour of the male player’s eyebrow

Serve needs overhaul.
Have abit more underspin on slice shots
Serve clock timer or crowd start to boo you if you don’t serve within a reasonable time.
Loving the rest of the gameplay so keep up the good work!


add challenge
add trick shots
add aim marker system like ao tennis 2

I agree with the need for more customization options for character creators, including chin sliders and new haircuts. There should also be an option for shaved eyebrows to accommodate a playface properly. I think Cricket 24 chracter creator is quite complete. Tiebreak needs that.

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Hey please add feature that we can watch the whole match or atleast the hightlight of other matches in the tournament, would be cool
I mean we just lower ranked players and get opportunity to play at roland garros by qualfiers
We are sure do not want to miss rafa matches

And also mixed double for majors/grand slams and summer game/olympic please