I'm waiting for the EA6 update. When is it?

I definitely started waiting for Draper. I just hope that in the future the players will have their own identity. So far, we are playing for the same character, only in different guises. Except for Dimitrov

I think most of them have their own animations, which something huge compared to other tennis games (top spin 2k25 is not even close).

Of course, it would be great it they could fine tunning some of them as some are not similar (Norrie or Rune). Cannot wait for the Big 3 to be added.

I also expect serves, volleys and general movement is improved. Courts could be improved as well (lightning) they are very dark.

Lets see what EA6 brings… how is it going so far? I suppose you are working hard since you are very quiet lately @JNT_BA @RossSymons


Mmmmhmmmmm very busy with all our titles, of course, but I’ve spent most of my time on Tiebreak. I just got my version recently which is one that’s not exactly release ready but close to it so I can do some checks and prep some assets. Very excited for this one as it includes one of my favourite players and some cool little new things that I really like. Been enjoying playing through the WTA finals that we put as a milestone on EA6 as well as some cool little quality of life changes that I appreciate. Very excited to get this out to you all to see how you like the additions.


Can you give me an approximate release date for the update? I understand that until the end of June, but I would like information, otherwise I’m tired of playing with an AI that gets all my balls :roll_eyes:

I give you. They said end of June so 1 week.

Hi big ant, thank you for the update, with some small addition, we are proud of you.

It is possible to Rework the forehand and backhand animations of: wawrinka, de minaur, Felix August, rune, dimitrov, nishikorie, tiafoe, norrie, nishioka, …

Fixed the animation service of: rublev , Rune , coric , nishioka, felix auger, norrie you did copy paste… Between forehands and its we don’t want with top spin 2k25 we don’t like the gestures copy paste…

I have played more than 170 hours since the beggining of the Early Access.
Thanks you so much for this game. You made impressive good work between patch 3 and 4 and patch 4 and 5.

The first big thing in TieBreak is that there is no script. You can control each point and I love that. Don’t touch so much the gameplay, please. Fix only animations, transitions , graphics, collision bugs.

I’m waiting for patch 6 now!:+1:


I think they should improve movement as well. I love the fact that is not scripted but players are moving very fast and they seem to have no weight. Also 360 move is not very realistic… if they are able to fix that, add realistic defensive shots and complete animations, we can have a great game. @JNT_BA


Yes, improvement of movement, defensive shots and serve is crucial for being successful.


Yes i forgot to mention serving, but I am sure they pretty aware and it will be fixed in EA6

yes, hopefully. I would also add big need to improve playing AI nearby net, at the net and better handling easy balls like smash and last but not least rebalance overusing of drop shot to prevent too many errors from it.

Thanks you very much

Hello big ant are you okay

Please add inertia on the players and automatic movements so that there are more random movements Right left quickly it’s not real lez players are light the animation of player race is not good endirait virtua tennis 2 3 2009 and the 4