Image quality settings and Graphic settings

BigAnt please add better Anti-aliasing to the game,Currently the game looks very blurry at 1080p with TAA.
Also , please add Image Scaling options as well.

please give option of RTX ON AND OFF

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its already there lol

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Cricket 19 video graphics quality is better than 22 don’t know why

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where i have rtx laptop and i do not know where is the rtx option is please help

What is already there ? Show me .

@Rahuls96 its been already discussed how to turn on the RTX feature but if it was not known to you then let me tell you how to find that feature, its bit tricky but thats how you can turn it ON
Go to your Saved games of c22

C:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games\Cricket 22

find the file named :


now open & edit it and then save it .


Thanks for this Info. Just Enabled

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To turn on RTX write on in place of off and rtx option will be on to my laptop.
which have rtx 3050 4gb. and shared a screenshot of graphics setting that show RTX enabled

Just edit the number 0 for OFF and 1 for ON
No need to write it as off or on albhabetically